High cpu use on 'other user' accounts

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High cpu use on 'other user' accounts

Post by everythings_great » Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:38 am


Firstly, i want to say what a fantastic program Everything is.

I am using Everything- on Windows 7

I have it on my desktop pc (single user account) and 2 laptops ( 2 & 3 user accounts).

With me logged on (as administrator) on any of the pc's, Everything works OK with little or no cpu use.

However, recently i have found that when another 'user' logs on to their account on the laptops, Everything continually uses about 20% cpu time.

Only way i can stop this occurring is to uncheck "Run in background" & "Start Evereything on system startup" in the Options of Everything in my account. I can not stop Everything starting individually/specifically in other users account on them logging in. Within their accounts, if i uncheck Start Evereything on system startup, it does not register and stays checked.

Can a reason for continual high cpu on other accounts be given?
Is there a way to stop this happening?

(How can i get Everything to not start on non Administrator accounts.)
I have sussed this bit out and now have Everything starting in my account only.

cheers and thanks

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