Content search - How useful this feature for you?

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Content search - How useful this feature for you?

Post by Stamimail » Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:38 pm

I think I don't know enough how and when to use this feature.
Can you please share your experience with this feature, How and when did you use this feature?

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Re: Content search - How useful this feature for you?

Post by therube » Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:56 pm

I don't usually search content, but when I do, my first choice (& its a feature it has long had) is my file manager (Altap Salamander). Most notably, its Find ties in with its Viewer, so once I have the file name(s), its a simple matter of F3 (View) to view the file in question, then F3 to jump to the first occurrence of the search term (then F3 for the next...). And then the Space bar takes me to the next found file, F3 & on & on.

When I do this, I generally already know my starting point to search, I just don't necessarily know which particular files I'll want.

And if I need to find the file (names) first, well that always goes to Everything.

Perhaps on a more diverse set of file (diverse locations, directory paths), I'd use Everything first.

Like yesterday I was looking for a particular persons name (decades old) in two files named TEN & TEN1 of which I have multiple archived copies, all in the same directory tree, so it was simple enough to search TEN* looking for content NAME (from within my file manager).

Could Everything have done the same? Sure.
But not as efficiently (the exploring part that I had to do after finding the wanted files with the wanted name).

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