[RFE] Action Menu

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[RFE] Action Menu

Post by therube » Fri Nov 26, 2021 5:39 pm

[RFE] Action Menu (not a good name, but...) [Macro... ?]

ability to define hotkeys the invoke externally called program
i.e., currently i'll select a set of files, right-click -> SendTo -> XXHash

if i could set a hotkey -> Alt+X..., that sends my selected files to XXHash

so, basically, General | Context Menu with the ability to add other options
so in addition to Open Path, you have XXHash -> Command: XXHash.bat %*
(with the ability to assign a hotkey to such action)

Example from Altap Salamander.
I've highlighted a set of files, then use hotkey (not shown here), F9, to bring up a list of "Action" items, selecting "Everything Rename", & said list of file names are sent to Everything.

And something similar, on the Everything end, might be nice.
Using a hotkey directly, would eliminate lots of keystrokes
(like; right-click, SendTo, [visually search & find [the string]] XXhash.bat, <click>).
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