Property is blank when added to index

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Property is blank when added to index

Post by void » Mon Nov 15, 2021 10:27 am

Only property values that are indexed can be searched and displayed.

Values for properties that are not included in the index will appear blank or empty.

This might cause some confusion as to why some properties appear blank in Everything after adding the property to your index.

This only applies to properties you index under Tools -> Options -> Properties.
Everything will read the property value for all files and folders when the property is not indexed.

Everything will not include folders for most properties by default.

Please make sure your indexed properties include the desired files/folders:
  • In Everything, from the Tools menu, click Options.
  • Click the Properties tab on the left.
  • Select a property.
  • Set the desired filters, eg: Include folders, include files, include only folders, exclude folders, include only files, exclude files and maximum size.
  • Click OK.

Use the not-indexed: search modifier to bypass the indexed property value and to search property value from disk.


Owner property (not indexed):

Owner property (indexed and folders NOT included):
Note the missing property values for Owner:

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