Viewport focus changes on rename - sometimes

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Viewport focus changes on rename - sometimes

Post by therube »

Viewport focus changes on rename - sometimes

Focus is not lost, just changes - sometimes, seemingly for no meaningful reason.
(And in those instances, it's... quirky... irksome....)

Like if you're renaming 2 files & they're towards the bottom of the window, after the rename completes those 2 file might be centered, or at the top of the window, or...

Focus changed, some, sometimes.
(Sort is not the issue (causing the change).)

Not a big deal, but when you've focusing on a set of files, & making changes (Rename) to particular files in that set, while the particular files are still in view (potentially a different view), other files of that set may then be out of view...
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Re: Viewport focus changes on rename - sometimes

Post by void »

I assume you still have keep_result_focus_in_view set to 1(enabled)

I think the issue had something to do with this setting enabled.

Everything simplifies /keep_result_focus_in_view=1

When keep_result_focus_in_view is set to 1 (enabled), Everything will keep the focus in view.
When an item is focused it is 'flagged' as 'keep in view'.

However, Everything will now clear this 'keep in view flag' when you rename an item, vertically scroll the window, change the sort or change the search.
Clicking on an item or using the keyboard to change the focus will refresh this 'keep in view flag'.

Please let me know if this changes helps and what could be improved.
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