The Everything_GetSearch function retrieves the search text to use for the next call to Everything_Query.


LPCTSTR Everything_GetSearch(void);

Return Value

The return value is a pointer to the null terminated search string.

The unicode and ansi version must match the call to Everything_SetSearch.

The function will fail if you call Everything_GetSearchA after a call to Everything_SetSearchW

The function will fail if you call Everything_GetSearchW after a call to Everything_SetSearchA

If the function fails, the return value is NULL.

To get extended error information, call Everything_GetLastError.

Error codeMeaning
EVERYTHING_ERROR_INVALIDCALLMismatched unicode / ansi call.


Get the internal state of the search text.

The default string is an empty string.


LPCTSTR lpSearchString = Everything_GetSearch();

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