The Everything_GetResultRunCount function retrieves the number of times a visible result has been run from Everything.


DWORD Everything_GetResultRunCount(
DWORD dwIndex,



Zero based index of the visible result.

Return Value

The function returns the number of times the result has been run from Everything.

The function returns 0 if the run count information is unavailable. To get extended error information, call Everything_GetLastError

Error codeMeaning
EVERYTHING_OKThe run count is 0.
EVERYTHING_ERROR_INVALIDCALLCall Everything_Query before calling Everything_GetResultRunCount.
EVERYTHING_ERROR_INVALIDREQUESTRun count information was not requested or is unavailable, Call Everything_SetRequestFlags with EVERYTHING_REQUEST_RUN_COUNT before calling Everything_Query.
EVERYTHING_ERROR_INVALIDINDEXindex must be greater than or equal to 0 and less than the visible number of results.


dwIndex must be a valid visible result index. To determine if a result index is visible use the Everything_GetNumResults function.


DWORD runCount;

// set the search text to abc AND 123
Everything_SetSearch("abc 123");

// execute the query

// Get the run count of the first visible result.
runCount = Everything_GetResultRunCount(0);

Function Information

Requires Everything 1.4.1 or later.

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