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3 December 2020AnonymousThanks for a great utility!$20.00 USD
3 December 2020AnonymousGrandissimo David!!! hai fatto un programma eccezionale! Dio ti benedica, continua cosi!!$30.00 USD
2 December 2020AnonymousThanks for another year of great tools.$20.00 USD
1 December 2020AnonymousI've got several places where I store files. This is a godsend to help me find my stuff.$15.00 USD
30 November 2020AnonymousAn example of how programs should be made. Thank you!$20.00 USD
30 November 2020AnonymousGreat software, very helpful. I use it very often. Thank you.$25.00 USD
30 November 2020AnonymousIt's a virus. . . . I willingly spread it among friends. They thank me! It's the first app I install on a new machine.$20.00 USD
30 November 2020AnonymousThnx. Using it Everyday for almost Everything!$10.00 USD
27 November 2020AnonymousLove the software, it is one of my first installs on a new machine.$10.00 USD
26 November 2020AnonymousAstounding! A must have, ditch your Windows Indexer. Went through almost a TB of files in about a minute on the initial startup. Poof! All indexed. EVERYthing, ha ha.$10.00 USD
26 November 2020AnonymousAn essential tool for Windows OS. Thanks!$30.00 USD
26 November 2020AnonymousGreat program! I use every day. Thanks!$15.00 USD
24 November 2020AnonymousAbsolute must have tool for Windows, bar none. One day, please port it to Linux, maybe even open-source it, for the greater good. But for now, thanks, just thanks for maintaining this tool and making it available for free.$15.00 USD
23 November 2020AnonymousVery Useful program, thanks for all the efforts$15.00 USD
21 November 2020AnonymousVery helpful program - thanks!$10.00 USD
19 November 2020AnonymousOutstanding software.$20.00 USD
19 November 2020Anonymous装机必备$5.00 USD
18 November 2020AnonymousThis is an absolutely essential app. Super useful, super fast. Why hasn't Microsoft just made it a part of Windows already?$5.00 USD
17 November 2020AnonymousI use Everything Everyday. . . so thankyou$20.00 USD
15 November 2020AnonymousThanks for the work.$7.77 USD
15 November 2020AnonymousI wish that the virus did not exist, if it did not I'd donate much more. To say I was impressed with the Search Everything is putting a mild point on it. Windows 10 search is total crap, yours is 1000% good. Thank you so so much!$20.00 USD
13 November 2020AnonymousEverything is something I use everyday, Thank you again! Any development for a Android device app? Take care,$25.00 USD
13 November 2020AnonymousBest Windows file tool ever!$10.00 USD
11 November 2020Anonymoustop Progamm danke!$8.88 USD
10 November 2020AnonymousMany thanks :)$5.00 USD
9 November 2020AnonymousMerci!!!$5.00 USD
9 November 2020AnonymousThank you. Really.$5.00 USD
8 November 2020AnonymousThank you for such a useful tool!$20.00 USD
7 November 2020AnonymousI only wish I had found this sooner. Thank you.$25.00 USD
6 November 2020AnonymousThank you for this phenomenal tool.$20.00 USD
6 November 2020AnonymousThis piece of software is a miracle!$10.00 USD
31 October 2020AnonymousThank you for a nice tool.$20.00 USD
30 October 2020AnonymousPlease consider adding index based file content search similar to docfetcher! Thank you.$20.00 USD
30 October 2020Anonymousgreat job!$20.00 USD
29 October 2020AnonymousThis is really wonderful! I probably use it more frequently than any other program on my W10 system and drives. Bravo! It works flawlessly and as expected every time! --Bill Blue$25.00 USD
29 October 2020AnonymousToo long using Everything without donating! Regards, Claude Fleurey$40.00 USD
21 October 2020AnonymousExcellent utility; how has this not been purchased from you by Microsoft?!? :-)$5.00 USD
21 October 2020AnonymousEverything is a great tool, saves me a lot of effort. Hope this small donation helps keep it going and robust, thanks for the great work!$20.00 USD
20 October 2020Anonymousexcellent - thanks!$10.00 USD
20 October 2020AnonymousKeep ON, David$20.00 USD
17 October 2020AnonymousExcellent utility ^^$20.00 USD
17 October 2020AnonymousWhat an incredibly useful utility. Thanks for the development. I'm not connected but those who appreciate this will likely also appreciate clipdiary.$15.00 USD
17 October 2020AnonymousGreat program. Very comprehensive. The PCs answer to 'Find Any File' for the Mac.$10.00 USD
16 October 2020AnonymousVery nice program and immensely useful. Well done man! Would like to give more but can not afford. cheers$7.00 USD
16 October 2020AnonymousThanks for such as useful tool David. I wish it crashed a little less, but I am very grateful for its existence and your time invested. Kind regards, Sam$7.50 USD
14 October 2020AnonymousI sure wish you could replace windows search with everything.$20.00 USD
11 October 2020Anonymousthank u zuozhe,this soft very haoyong,u hai free tigong,too weida le$1.10 USD
9 October 2020AnonymousWonderful software! Thanks$5.00 USD
8 October 2020AnonymousGreat. Thank you.$5.00 USD
7 October 2020AnonymousExcellent tool! Has probably saved me hours over the years. This functionality should be built into Explorer. I sometimes have to lookup the syntax, so buttons underneath the search box for popular choices would be a good improvement. Or maybe some kind of autocomplete suggestions.$20.00 USD
6 October 2020AnonymousI've been using this tool for almost 3 years and it really helped me a lot. also found an enjoyment in programming. Thank you. 한글 번역해주신 분도 감사의 인사 드립니다.$10.00 USD
6 October 2020AnonymousEverything is still my go to for searching even though use WorldDox at the office. Thanks so much for a simple to use, elegant program.$25.00 USD
4 October 2020AnonymousVery useful utility. I use it everyday, more time a day. Thankyou. Piero Gessaga$10.00 USD
1 October 2020AnonymousThank you$10.00 USD
30 September 2020AnonymousThank you for this great tool. Server side selection would be awesome !$20.00 USD
29 September 2020AnonymousVery glad I found you.$10.00 USD
29 September 2020AnonymousI love it!$10.00 USD
29 September 2020AnonymousOne of the best utilities there is. Really a time saver and a must have for every Windows user!$50.00 USD
18 September 2020AnonymousThank you for this little jewel. I couldn't live through one single day without this wonderful masterpiece. $10.00 USD
18 September 2020SantiExcelente aplicación. Muchas gracias$5.00 USD
17 September 2020JamesThank you. Invaluable tool!$20.00 USD
17 September 2020RayHow could I live without it?$20.00 USD
17 September 2020MarcinFantastic tool. Thanks for all the hard work.$10.00 USD
15 September 2020AnonymousThanks ^^$5.00 USD
13 September 2020StefanoThanks ^^$5.00 USD
13 September 2020Kannan SekkappanThank you very valuable $15.00 USD
13 September 2020Luiz Sesti$15.00 USD
12 September 2020Giuseppe$5.55 USD
12 September 2020mdhaunThe best tool on earth. God bless you.$20.00 USD
12 September 2020RalfThanks for providing this really, really, really helpful tool ! $20.00 USD
10 September 2020Matthew$10.00 USD
10 September 2020InsifulcorpAn essential tool!$10.00 USD
8 September 2020Roberto AbreuNice work ;)$5.00 USD
6 September 2020Shlomi AThank you for an awesome and most helpful tool! Using it on a daily basis.$10.00 USD
5 September 2020JudgekingA lifesaver$5.00 USD
5 September 2020W A MoneyMY first go to application to find most things - thank you$20.00 USD
4 September 2020ArinI can't live without this tool now.$30.00 AUD
4 September 2020R. McClintock$100.00 USD
3 September 2020ZackMicrosoft should hire you$5.00 USD
3 September 2020Alan LemlyDavid, Everything is one of my most-used utilities. Thanks so much for creating it and continuing to support and make it available.$64.92 AUD
2 September 2020Dustin RogneThis tool iS awesome.$20.00 USD
1 September 2020PascalVery useful tool. Thank you !$12.00 USD
30 August 2020RaattisChanged the way I use computers. Absolutely essential!$32.32 AUD
30 August 2020GaryWonderful tool. I wasted so much time searching multiple network drives, even using a saved custom windows search. No comparison, real timesaver, great work!$15.00 USD
29 August 2020SeveOgni giorno 100 volte Grazie S$10.00 USD
29 August 2020MikeExceptional tool, I use it every day$20.00 AUD
29 August 2020Jack ClaffOne of my favourite and most used programs. A wonderful help.$10.00 AUD
27 August 2020TimSimple, focused, instant results. Brilliant!$5.00 USD
27 August 2020DwaineBeats File Explorer search!$10.00 AUD
26 August 2020Tunc Bahceciogluexcellent tool :)$25.00 USD
26 August 2020robertogreat job!!!!!!!!!! it was really what i need!$10.00 USD
25 August 2020Andrei TothThanks so much! This is such a useful app, wish I knew of it a long time ago.$10.00 USD
24 August 2020JulieThis program is AMAZING!!! It is so fast. I use it on a daily basis!$50.00 USD
24 August 2020Stephen DignamIrreplaceable and so reliable$20.00 AUD
23 August 2020CapteeBEYOND useful. Literally saves my bacon on a DAILY basis. Thank you!$5.00 USD
23 August 2020Jim PrimechJust works! and so fast. Great work David.$50.00 USD
23 August 2020AnonymousSuperb utility. Rely on it heavily.$20.00 USD
22 August 2020Oleg GExcellent utility. Thank you.$10.00 USD
21 August 2020Paul LitzbarskiThis utility ist a piece of art. I'm a developer and I use it every day. It's the fastes search tool EVER. Usually I have more or less things to critisize about every tool I use, but THIS program...$15.00 USD
20 August 2020Jim PHave used this for more years than I can remember. Invaluable. Great work, thank you!$10.00 USD
19 August 2020Kim BVery good utility!$20.00 USD
18 August 2020Mike AFantastic utility in the spirit of the original Norton Utilities. Very powerful but you only need to learn the complexities if you need them. Great UI design. $25.00 USD
17 August 2020AnonymousUsing it constantly$10.00 USD
16 August 2020AirydiskCan't live without it anymore. Wish it was opensource$5.00 AUD
15 August 2020AnonymousCouldn't possibly use Windows without this most excellent product. Thank you for offering it as freeware.$20.00 USD
15 August 2020AlexandreUse it every day. Very usefull. $5.00 USD
15 August 2020AnonymousMany thanks for your great job. I use this program almost everyday!$10.00 USD
15 August 2020DaveExcellent utility. So useful I can't imagine working without it. Thank you$10.00 USD
14 August 2020JohnUse it everyday.$10.00 USD
14 August 2020CynthiaThanks again, David.$10.00 USD
14 August 2020William F. RigsbyKudos. This is a great program and timesaver. $15.00 AUD
13 August 2020AnonymousI LOVE it! I get so many results I end up doing a more restrictive search to winnow them down, but too many hits beats not finding what you want. Had no idea how many directories Windows ignore$25.00 USD
13 August 2020AnonymousBlows windows search away with how fast everything is. It also handles huge network shares like a champ. Life changing software for sure$6.00 USD
13 August 2020Andreas Walthergreat tool - thanks!$20.00 USD
12 August 2020MickeyA good program.$10.00 USD
11 August 2020ChrisInUKGreat tool - thank you!$15.00 USD
11 August 2020Hans TheißenThank you. Great tool.$20.00 USD
11 August 2020Holger HippenstielLove this program. Thanks for your hard work. :)$10.00 USD
10 August 2020John MarcouThanks for showing me how to access my external drive, Mr Carpenter. A little obvious, once you know how. ;-) I recently recommended Everything to some colleagues. Best regards, John$10.00 USD
10 August 2020Al Mamun HossenThanks for all the hard work. কঠোর পরিশ্রমের জন্য ধন্যবাদ.$3.00 USD
10 August 2020ChuckAn essential and wonderful program. Thanks!$15.00 USD
10 August 2020VirgilExquisite work. Second donation.$30.00 USD
9 August 2020Everything is awsomeThank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've been loving Everything daily for the past decade.$20.00 AUD
8 August 2020S.WolfWhat an essential tool. Thank you!$20.00 USD
7 August 2020Michael L. Bates, Ph.D.Thanks for a program that ought to be part of Windows, and you ought to be permanently rich enough from the Windows buyout to create more programs or swing in a hammock the rest of your days.$25.00 USD
6 August 2020jojjeBest file finder of any platform. Allows indexing of all my files onto one machine, whether the files reside on the machine Everything runs or not. Powerful search options. Couldn't live without it.$10.00 USD
5 August 2020JGert Van AsscheLife saver software -- I hope it will support exFAT one day$50.00 USD
5 August 2020Jerry LIt just works. Nicely done.$5.00 USD
3 August 2020Nabil NacefYour software has changed my life!$7.00 USD
3 August 2020Nicholas BedrosThe best software ever.$15.00 USD
3 August 2020Steve JBeen using this for years. Why can't Microsoft do this? Crazy good software.$5.00 USD
3 August 2020Sansa & AryaHow can anyone work without your wonderful product. It's EVERYTHING 4 us !!$20.00 USD
3 August 2020Ivan HristovEverything is awesome!$15.00 AUD
3 August 2020AnonymousI've been using Everything for about 8 years. For me it is an indispensable tool.$5.00 USD
2 August 2020VelleriThank you! Your program changed my life!$5.00 USD
2 August 2020Randall PThanks for keeping it up to date and running !!!!$10.00 USD
2 August 2020DoonserI love this app. It's SO FAST! Goodbye Windows Search FOREVER.$5.00 USD
1 August 2020Gustavo SanchezNew version of Everything = New donation. This program deserves it. Thank you so much David.$20.00 USD
1 August 2020CharlesI use Everything as a database management tool. Absolutely Great! Thank you David and Grace and Peace to you.$10.00 USD
1 August 2020John DTThanks for all the hard work.$10.00 USD
1 August 2020Jim Van MeggelenNice!$10.00 USD
1 August 2020Don JThis is exceptional! I appreciate the ability to select and move batches of files that allows me to sort and refile. Wish that Duplicate Finder programs were nearly as efficient.$10.00 USD
1 August 2020문승주심플하� 강� �하네요$10.00 USD
31 July 2020VikThank you. Very useful tool.$10.00 USD
31 July 2020KeithThank you for working hard to solve the Trend Micro issue. I rely on Everything every day!$20.00 USD
31 July 2020LorenzThanks for the excellent tool, and for the kind support. You're the best :)$10.00 USD
30 July 2020AnonymousThis is one fantastically helpful piece of software that I rely on many times every day. I recommend it highly to anyone who store information on a Windows computer.$20.00 USD
30 July 2020AnonymousGreat utility! Saves me a lot of time even with the X1 full text tool.$50.00 USD
30 July 2020EricGreat and well-performing app!$10.00 USD
30 July 2020Ingvar SundellExcellent tool. Greatly appreciated. Keep on your good work! :-)$20.00 USD
29 July 2020AnonymousGreat Tool$10.00 USD
28 July 2020William AlexanderThis is the most useful and we'll designed and thought out program I have come across is years. I use it CONSTANTLY.$10.00 USD
27 July 2020Jim GageA Tour de Force of software utility. Not only helpful to find lost files, but indispensable to keep libraries organized. Lightening fast.$10.00 USD
26 July 2020Dirk from GermanyThank You very much for this fantastic, quick search tool.$10.00 USD
26 July 2020Jeff DohzenI use this all the time. I think I donated before. $10.00 USD
25 July 2020Charles PearmainI've donated before but here's a little more. I use Everything every working day. It's indispensable for working with files accumulated over 30+ years (yeah, I'm THAT old). Thank you! $10.00 USD
25 July 2020EvaldasAThank you for Everything.$15.00 USD
24 July 2020Dave HThanks for all of the work you've put into this project. It's an outstanding program$25.00 USD
24 July 2020jsimpyEvery once in awhile you'll find a rare unknown hidden gem that you can't imagine life without. Everything is one of the biggest of these gems.$50.00 USD
22 July 2020MarcForget everything but never Everything!$20.00 USD
18 July 2020ScotBrenI use this every day.$25.00 USD
17 July 2020Maureen LarsenThis is one of the most useful tools I have ever tried. Many thanks for your efforts. :)$25.00 USD
17 July 2020IvorFantastic tool!$10.00 USD
17 July 2020PlantsI love you$10.00 USD
16 July 2020Broos NemanicI use this tool at least a few times per week - ty :)$5.00 USD
16 July 2020Scott McNairyThanks again for this invaluable program. Microsoft should pay you for this program and integrate it into Windows 10.$10.00 USD
16 July 2020SeerBest wished~$30.00 USD
14 July 2020tuskaBrilliant tool for daily use. Thanks!$40.00 USD
14 July 2020Ajasja Thank you for everything! :) Even works with network drives.$20.00 USD
14 July 2020Rick McGuireAfter only a short time of using Everything, it becomes natural to reach for it instead of the crippled Windows search tool. I use it ALL THE TIME.. fantastic tool, well done, thank you!$20.00 USD
14 July 2020Tom CainFound RegEx rename! Great tool! Thanks for a super utility.$10.00 USD
14 July 2020AnonymousBrilliant tool - unbelievably quick.Thank you.$10.00 USD
13 July 20200zzyengHi, Just Wanted to Donate some money to a developer who knows how to create great products and tools that save heaps of time and money.. cheers 0zzyeng $10.00 USD
12 July 2020AnonymousLove it - I have used Everything for many years.$25.00 USD
12 July 2020Carver SmithGreat tool and it makes my day easier for lost files or downloads.$10.00 USD
11 July 2020Anssi TLoving this, great work!$20.00 USD
10 July 2020prs7Quite simply, thank you!$50.00 USD
10 July 2020Angel PerezOne of the most useful tools that I have installed on my windows machines. Using it since years and years ago. Thank you for the hard work$2.00 USD
9 July 2020DrewInvaluable software that if truly amazing.$30.00 USD
9 July 2020Clarke M.Find Everything is one of my very favorite utilities saving time and frustration using the almost useless windows search function!!!$10.00 USD
8 July 2020NikoExtremely useful on its own, but absolutely live-saving now that the Windows search got absolutely annihilated in Windows 8.1 and onwards. I really wouldn't know what to do without Everything.$31.41 USD
7 July 2020Daniel S.A really great program. Thank you for keeping it up for free!$20.00 USD
6 July 2020RhbWonderful program. It has saved me a lot of time. Thank you for your efforts.$20.00 USD
6 July 2020Rajiv PariharThank you for this fast and useful tool. -rrp $20.00 USD
3 July 2020kavboyAmazing thing!$1.00 USD
3 July 2020KeithI use Everything constantly, don't know how I could live without it now. So much quicker than standard Windows search. Easy to use, light on system resources. Thank you! $10.00 USD
3 July 2020AhmadTThanks for bringing efficiency to Windows 10 search! I am looking forward for a less geek user interphase :-)$20.00 USD
1 July 2020Giacomo OblatoreI cant live without it, I use it daily all the time. Now I open nearly every file just by finding it in Everything.$10.00 USD
1 July 2020ChuckFantastic Software!$10.00 USD
30 June 2020Andrew SavchenkoThank you for such an awesome application. Makes MS Windows more tolerable.$10.24 USD
30 June 2020AnonymousUse this all of the time. Thank You!$10.00 USD
30 June 2020Mark GumpI have used "Everything" for about a year now and find it very helpful. Thank you for creating it and sharing it with others.$5.00 USD
29 June 2020John Paul VellaBeen using this software for over a decade now; absolutely fantastic and would highly recommend$10.00 USD
29 June 2020TimStill the best! Thank you.$20.00 USD
28 June 2020JhempFastest search engine on earth, keep going!!$20.00 USD
26 June 2020Oleg ShulminThank you very much, this is a very convenient and necessary program!$15.00 USD
25 June 2020James MWonderful tool! Love it.$10.00 USD
25 June 2020Al AgarwalAwesome software. keep up the good work. Such a tremendous time saver. Suggestions: A full dark mode, a toolbar with filter options. $10.00 USD
25 June 2020Rene GagnauxFélicitations pour votre excellent programme!$25.00 USD
24 June 2020GouravYou've made my life easier, been using Everything forever$7.00 USD
24 June 2020pchinThanks! Have a brew on me.$5.00 USD
24 June 2020AnonymousGreat tool, never had a reason to use anything else. Thanks.$10.00 USD
23 June 2020GnosisaStory of my life recently - Having problems with software I paid for, and find out someone made a solution for free..tyvm!$5.00 USD
23 June 2020PhiloINCREDIBLE!!!! Thank you!$10.00 USD
23 June 2020Bob AdamsTo understand how I feel about Everything SEARCH, read all of the comments below! This just may be the best Windows utility ever created. Thank you, David.$40.00 USD
20 June 2020Hugh O'DonnellWho can function without "Everything"? How do we get on your email list for notification if you someday develop another super-useful tool?$20.00 USD
20 June 2020Curbstone CorporationAmazingly helpful. How did I live without it???$40.00 USD
19 June 2020Shiqi Ai$20.00 USD
19 June 2020BenThanks David for such a useful tool.$10.00 USD
19 June 2020Rudi WGreat tool. Once used, becomes indispensible!$10.00 USD
19 June 2020AnonymousGreat tool.$10.00 USD
18 June 2020AnonymousPlease develope that futher til I die - and I want to live 150 years, ha!$20.00 USD
18 June 2020TerryEvery day I use Everything! Windows Search.. What's that?$10.00 USD
18 June 2020AnonymousLong time user. Can't function without it. Thank you, David.$10.00 USD
18 June 2020AnonymousGreat utility. Use it all the time. Thanks.$10.00 USD
17 June 2020Ed Price$30.00 USD
17 June 2020BLANDIN DOMINIQUEmerçi beaucoup. thank you very much.$7.00 USD
16 June 2020AlexThank you for this great tool!$5.67 USD
16 June 2020AlexThank you for this great tool!$5.67 USD
16 June 2020MaryThis nifty tool finds all the files and fast!$40.00 USD
16 June 2020CathyThank you thank you thank you$5.00 USD
15 June 2020AnonymousThank you so much for this amazing search tool which has saved me many hours.$50.00 USD
14 June 2020Monte BrueggemanI've emailed you in the past, but I'm emailing you again to say THANK YOU for creating this app. It really has no equal, and is unbelievably useful!!! I am happy to donate$20.00 USD
13 June 2020AnonymousThanks for everything.$5.00 USD
13 June 2020Garrett Haines30 years in, and Windows search remains in alpha form. Thank you thank you for making such a critical tool.$10.00 USD
12 June 2020MeganI love this tool, finds files no matter where they hide.$10.00 USD
12 June 2020Luiz SestiStill the best around!! Helps me a lot!! Great tool!! $20.00 USD
11 June 2020Oliver Gaidabest finder, thank you :-)$5.00 USD
11 June 2020Alexander BlackieWonderful utility that helps locate and recover 'lost' or forgotten files instantly. An essential tool for anyone with a large archive of documents and pictures with different versions.$25.00 USD
10 June 2020kcKeep up the good work. Best search tool for windows. Period$50.00 USD
10 June 2020William BGreat Program! Heard about it on EAC mailing list. Puts W10 search to shame! Keep up the great work!$25.00 USD
9 June 2020Sw. Vandana JyothiInvaluable search tool, fast, SO helpful!$18.00 USD
9 June 2020Ralf Jörden$10.00 USD
8 June 2020Birgit JensenHi David, thank you so much for this excellent tool. It is the first thing I install on a new computer. I appreciate you making it free, but here is a bit to help you buy a bottle of wine on me.$25.00 USD
7 June 2020optional, nameThank you David Carpenter! $5.01 USD
7 June 2020StevenSince finding this app I use it more and more. It's so fast and so relieble. I wish I could get it to scan cards. I wish I had an app that would search texts as well. How about it David Carpenter?$10.00 USD
6 June 2020Ryan RAwesome tool and excellent support!$60.00 USD
6 June 2020AnonymousGreat tool, I use it all the time!$15.00 USD
6 June 2020Shyam DeshmukhI have used Ava Find from so many years, but it seems that i think my quest for search is over with this tool Thanks David.$1.00 USD
5 June 2020JoergenThanks for really cool and very useful tool!$10.00 USD
5 June 2020David LGreat product keep up the good work.$14.00 USD
4 June 2020Harold LemelYours is one of the most useful and used programs I have. Thanks you for the great job and the help this is providing!$25.00 USD
4 June 2020SThank you for all the people to whom you have inevitably made it possible to use your powerful and effective program for free. You are a good person, whom I value very much. $13.31 USD
4 June 2020Dj-Ric-Derr-CThanks For The Program Love It. Now All My MP3 on my Server Want Have Doubles on it and I just saved 500GB of hard drive space the first time i used it. Thanks Again From Dj-Ric-Derr-C @ PRPdj.com$11.00 USD
4 June 2020Ibrahim HublouThank you for "Everything". It's a most useful program that helps out several times a day.$10.00 USD
3 June 2020Ian FrancisGreat work and so kind that you willingly share.$5.00 USD
3 June 2020AnonymousThank you!!!$25.00 USD
3 June 2020Ingo KleiberThank you so much for this!$15.00 USD
2 June 2020RasmusAbsolutely incredible piece of software this. Saved my arse multiple times, absolute go-to install on every computer of mine$10.00 USD
2 June 2020AnonymousSaves my Bacon at least a couple of times a day.$25.00 USD
1 June 2020Nelson VórticeSimple, fast, stable. I wish more software was like this.$10.00 USD
31 May 2020Simon Morgan (@drguildo)Simple, fast, stable. I wish more software was like this.$10.00 USD
30 May 2020DeeppanThis is one of the best tools I have came across [probably the best]. Thanks for making millions of lives better.$5.00 USD
30 May 2020AnonymousBeen using for a long time. I would pay more if I could, because it is worth it.$15.00 USD
30 May 2020TedGreat program very useful, found on Cloudeight. Thank you$20.00 USD
30 May 2020AnonymousSuper outil. Merci !$12.00 USD
28 May 2020nudlsoopReliable, delightful, fast, a must-have.$15.00 USD
27 May 2020AnonymousGreat program. THANK YOU!$10.00 USD
27 May 2020ServandoExtraordinaria herramienta, flexible, consume pocos recursos. Pensé es tiempo de reconocer este gran trabajo!! Desde México lidiando con los Imperios Irresponsables (Covid-19) Saludos!!$15.00 USD
26 May 2020solos越来越好$1.00 USD
26 May 2020AnonymousEverything is a great tool. Congratulations on a fine product$10.00 USD
26 May 2020HarrisonPIt is a killer search app. Must have for file hoarders.$20.00 USD
26 May 2020Micheal Higginsoutstanding tool. works like a charm. hoping to see more robust content: searching features in the future. $25.00 USD
25 May 2020JoeThis is an absolutely amazing program. I've got about 40 years experience with computers, big and small. Hardware and software. I use this several time daily. THANK YOU 👍 😀$20.00 USD
24 May 2020hrandibMust have for Windows$5.00 USD
23 May 2020triffHey, thank you so much for Everything - I use it literally about 20 times a day to organise my working life. I owe you my first born child! (No, really, take it)$20.00 USD
23 May 2020AnonymousThis application should be on the SOE of every organisation that ACTUALLY wants to excel.$21.51 USD
23 May 2020MatthiasI've been using Everything Search for many years and it is by far the best file search tool. I keep recommending it to others and they love it as well. Thank you so much!$10.00 USD
22 May 2020slmEverything is a beautiful piece of software ... simple, and so FAST. Thank you$10.00 USD
22 May 2020Serge SergiouLove this program! Just one request, how can I add wildcards in the search line? In the olden days, I used to put a * for ALL. *.* etc $15.00 USD
21 May 2020SteveGreat indispensable tool!$30.00 USD
21 May 2020ChecoThe software works great. Thank you$10.00 USD
21 May 2020WellepappVery good! Just what I have been looking for!$10.00 USD
20 May 2020KhalilGenerally I never donate to an app, but it's so functional and responsive, I have to support you $20.00 USD
20 May 2020David OOne of the best free tools in the Windows universe. Thank you very much, life is easier with things like this. Far way better than Windows 10: small memory, fewer index db footprint, fast searches.$10.00 USD
18 May 2020RichardPeople wonder how I know so much after a short time at my company. Maybe I'll let them into the secret! Many thanks for coding this very capable tool. Finding files on the network is so quick & si$25.00 USD
17 May 2020JockoThank you so much! Similarly to the last person who donated, I cannot live without this program.$10.00 USD
17 May 2020AnonymousThanks for making this!$15.00 USD
17 May 2020EelFrankly I save more than 24 hours per day because you created S-Everything and I found it.. It's likely the most used utility in my daily life. So let's send y'all some appreciation, eh?$100.00 USD
15 May 2020RanomAI can't live without this program.$10.00 USD
15 May 2020A CanadianThanks for developing Everything! Super useful tool, always feel like I keep using it every few minutes!$10.00 USD
14 May 2020Alan Bestvery useful tool, for large archives, poor memory and fast searches.$10.00 USD
14 May 2020Jimmy Lehmkuhlwow very fast$20.00 USD
14 May 2020ArvidClean and lean! Finally possible to do real searches on Windows 😊$10.00 USD
14 May 2020박상윤도 프로그래머인데 속이 뻥 뚫리는 느낌입니다. 감사합니다.$5.00 USD
13 May 2020DLoveceGreat program, one of the fastest in the market, addresses the most important things first, find the files!Ideally the search would get a short embedded dictionary, with friendlier syntax searches!$20.00 USD
13 May 2020sunpeerUsing for a few years and just realized it had been a free download. Everything has saved so much time, free from dealing with useless Microsoft task bar!! Blazing fast over multiple driv$25.00 USD
13 May 2020JochenAwesome and I am so happy to use this perfect tool. Makes my life so much easier. Many thanks$10.00 USD
12 May 2020AnonymousGreat program$25.00 USD
12 May 2020KBPrachtig programma$10.00 USD
11 May 2020GuidoThird donation from my side, thank for keeping it updated.$10.00 USD
11 May 2020MikeExcellent work. Way faster and less cluttered than Win10 search.$10.00 USD
11 May 2020Carlitosimpressive search app$10.00 USD
11 May 2020Gisle VanemI have integrated Everything in my Envtool program (https://github.com/gvanem/EnvTool) and I love the speed and power of EveryThing compared to e.g. cheesy tools like locate and whereis.$30.00 USD
9 May 2020MeboOne of my favorite Tools, I wish I would have that on Mac too.$11.11 USD
9 May 2020kim, chi-hyoungthanks$10.00 USD
8 May 2020AnonymousEverything has been a tremendous time saver. I love narrowly focused utilities that do one or two things but do them very well and very fast.$25.00 USD
8 May 2020AnonymousThanks$2.00 USD
8 May 2020happy userThis tool is so great thank you!$5.00 USD
8 May 2020tyinfrabrilliant search tool. Having personal unstructured data built up over 10+ years, it is a great tool to quickly find specific files and docs.$12.00 USD
7 May 2020Michael MartinAmazingly useful tool, part of my everyday workflow. Thank You!$25.00 USD
7 May 2020X-BitI use Everything on a daily base. I don't remember how I managed working without it and I really appreciate your ongoing work. Thank you!$10.00 USD
6 May 2020martinthis programm is a master piece$5.00 USD
5 May 2020Richard KerrSuperb program. Best search engine ever, above all others.$20.00 USD
4 May 2020DirkmasterAn awesome program I use every day. $10.00 USD
2 May 2020Tom C.Great Program --- Thank you!!$20.00 USD
1 May 2020Max K.The speed of search + regex support really brings value. I only need to think about file names, not where they might be. Integration with file explorer context menu is really helpful too. Thank you!$20.00 USD
1 May 2020Philodendron-22Hot Dam this program save my life its search everything I mean everything including save file is hard to find or certain .exe or .ini.. Man I always recommended this program to everyone. $5.59 USD
1 May 2020AlecHands down, the biggest time saver for my workflow given how often I need to look for files. Thank you!$15.00 USD
1 May 2020AnonymousThis is the best search engine in Windows without dispute. Thank you so much for development.$5.00 USD
30 April 2020DanThanks!$2.00 USD
29 April 2020Don K EitnerIndispensable utility. Way more useful than Windows' built-in search.$15.00 USD
28 April 2020FrankCGreat Tool - big timesaver$5.00 USD
25 April 2020Don H.I have over 10 terabytes of video and music files, across hundreds of folders, and I can find any one of them in a split second, thanks to Everything. This is how utilities all ought to wo$25.00 USD
25 April 2020MarioAbsolutely the best search utility! Compared to Everything Windows search is stone age.$15.00 USD
24 April 2020JonathanGreat fast software that my colleague thinks is magic.$10.00 USD
24 April 2020SpencerI use this tool every single day, it has completely changed my workflow$10.00 USD
23 April 2020Todd WigginsI wish I could pay you what Everything is worth to me. It's invaluable. I spread the word as much as I can. This is such a useful tool. Thank you.$5.00 USD
22 April 2020AnonymousThank you$10.00 USD
22 April 2020Harry SpinksI use your program every day and it's been a lifesaver! I also tell my friends about it too. Thank you!$10.00 USD
22 April 2020rhoro$5.00 USD
20 April 2020Brian HartgenI am about to teach a number of blind people how to use your excellent program, via an online meeting this week. Reminded me to donate again.$70.00 USD
20 April 2020John KnightThanks for your support.$20.00 USD
19 April 2020RayThis little program is so usefull and a great time saver indeed. I wish it had the ability to search FAT32 file systems, other than that it's perfect. Thank You for all your efforts.$10.00 USD
19 April 2020AnonymousSuper logiciel qui m'est indispensable pour retrouver mes fichiers éparpillés Bravo et Merci$5.00 USD
19 April 2020Peter SegallI have reviewed the comments.. all I can say is I echo the Kudos re: Everything. Thank you very much$5.00 USD
19 April 2020Joel PoxtonA must-have piece of software I run anywhere I'm on windows.$5.00 USD
18 April 2020dadhiThis is instant usefulness - before was using 'baregrep'$10.00 USD
16 April 2020DannyThank you for your kindness and time. Your Everything Program is Everything to me!$25.00 USD
16 April 2020AdamBeautiful tool, so simple and so effective.$5.00 USD
16 April 2020Jon BurnhamJust a quick note of thanks David. An indispensable tool of distinction :-) $10.00 USD
16 April 2020Rod LI've used Everything for a whike and introduced a few to it. Time I said thank you. Great app.$15.00 USD
15 April 2020Rémimerci beaucoup . Excellent outil :-)$20.00 USD
15 April 2020Vodzoo$10.00 USD
15 April 2020Nguyen Vu Duy NamThank you David for useful software.$20.00 USD
14 April 2020HansI absolutely LOVE everything about Everything! It was one of the very few joys after having returned from Linux to Windows again. Best utility EVER! So, a HUGE THANK YOU to you, David, from me, Hans!$20.00 USD
14 April 2020PaulLove Everything about this, thank you! (Just one little request, could you please add webp to the picture filter? Thanks.)$20.00 USD
13 April 2020AnonymousJust started using Everything and already finding it useful. Thank you!$15.00 USD
13 April 2020llugarriEs excelente!!!!!$15.00 USD
12 April 2020JocelynThanks for your effort in realizing good software.$10.00 USD
12 April 2020Sayed Ali$10.00 USD
12 April 2020StuGazzODavid, your application is what Windows Search should have been many years ago! What a fast, light and incredibly useful program. Keep up the great work!$20.00 USD
11 April 2020MarkThis is so amazing! Thank you so much. I have no idea how this isn't the default setup in Windows but you are a lifesaver.$5.00 USD
11 April 2020Volker S.The Best!$50.00 USD
11 April 2020juergen deckerthanks for everything$10.00 USD
10 April 2020Anonymoussorry for not paying more, it's a great program.$15.00 USD
10 April 2020David RichardsBeen using for years. Very powerful. Still discovering capabilities. Thank you.$30.00 USD
9 April 2020DGReally appreciate this program. I used it all the time. I am so impressed with: * The great functionality of the program. * Reliable operation. * Complete and well organized documentation. Tha$30.00 USD
9 April 2020RoyI've used the program for years and I never use anything else. It's incredibly fast and accurate. Keep up the good - no brilliant - work$20.00 USD
9 April 2020Anonymous很好用,收入不多只能尽绵薄之力。$1.00 USD
8 April 2020TomA super program. I can't believe the speed and accuracy. Thanks.$20.00 USD
8 April 2020ktfaithCant live without this tool. This is such a value-adder and boosts productivity so much. Thanks you so much & Greetings from Germany. $20.00 USD
8 April 2020Varun Agrawal$5.00 USD
8 April 2020deepTWorld's best local search engine$1.88 USD
7 April 2020ValIt's amazing to me that you still continue to work so hard on this program. I've had it for years and it's been wonderful. You rock.$20.00 USD
7 April 2020Patrick LetourneauLIFE SAVER$10.00 USD
6 April 2020DannyI can't believe this software is FREE!!! I use it everyday!!!$50.00 USD
6 April 2020waragaki kojithank you very much. I like this app$5.00 USD
6 April 2020Robert FreedOnce again, then you. This is one of my most used and utilitarian programs. It is intuitive and easy to use.$25.00 USD
6 April 2020Ngai Chun CheungThanks! Leaving a trail of thousand origami cranes.$1.88 USD
5 April 2020Clavotte$20.00 USD
4 April 2020AnonymousMakes search useful.$20.00 USD
4 April 2020JonasThis is award-worthy software.$10.00 USD
3 April 2020Phil$5.00 USD
3 April 2020ChrisThanks for making Everything. I've used it for years and love it to the point that I despise just about every other search engine. $10.00 USD
3 April 2020Gerry MontagueGreat program, saved my life on occasions.$5.00 USD
3 April 2020MBRDude, I hope MS buys you and replace their win crappy not-indexing search system with yours, so u can retire with millions of dollars on a private yacht in paradise islands. Deserved.$10.00 USD
3 April 2020john LichBeen using this program for years now. It is a brilliant piece of software$10.00 USD
2 April 2020NelsonJust checking it out. Don't know if Everything is all it's said to be; but, read it on Reddit. That, and it's April Fools Day and I'm a contrarian. $10.00 USD
2 April 2020AnonymousThank for "Everything".$20.00 USD
2 April 2020MatRThis program is a life saver. I use it all the time, it saves me a lot of time. Thanks for making it.$10.00 USD
1 April 2020Tommy SoolsThanks to Total Commander I got to know this unique tool that immediately lets me locate my files, way to go and thanks!$15.75 USD
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