Search for a list of file names

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Search for a list of file names

Post by void » Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:43 am

In Everything 1.4 or later you can now search for a list of files names.

To select a text file of a list of file names to search:
  • In "Everything", from the Search menu, click Advanced Search....
  • Scroll to the bottom and select a text file for Search for a list of files:
  • Click OK.
Each file name must appear on its own line.
The text file must be in UTF-8.
The file names in the text file must be complete file names. No partial matching is done.
You can include a backslash (\) in the file name to search the full path and file name. Otherwise only the file name part is matched.

You can also use EFU file lists to search for file names.

Note: The text file is read and converted to a filelist: search function. For massive text files (> 32000 characters) this may make the search edit not display correctly. However it should still function correctly.

You can also search for a list of filenames from the command line:

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Everything.exe -searchfilelist <filelist.txt>

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