how to trigger a search with marked text + a HOTkey i.e. f7

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how to trigger a search with marked text + a HOTkey i.e. f7

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[this thread included previously the question for the command line parameters which i found than in the AHK forum]

the aim is to save steps
the best case •mark a search term instead of typing • hit a hotkey i.e [f7] [numpad6] [ins]

The easiest AutoHotKey syntaxes
1)after a doubleclick on an AutoKotKey.exe¹
2) you have replaced the ~60lines sample code and saved the new code
3)a reload via a second AutoKotKey.exe¹ doubleclick

send ^c ; = [ctrl] +

[b]run x:\et.exe -search %clipboard%[/b] ; or everthing_version#.exe
[b]return [/b]


Clipboard = ; empties the clipboard
send ^c ; = [ctrl] + [c]
run x:\et.exe -search %clipboard% ; or everthing_version.exe
return [/b]

[b]the trigger line (=1st Line) options [/b]
• Hotkey like above (~25) •key[b]S[/b]stroke [b]~1 & 2::[/b] (~80) •key combination [b]~x & y::[/b](~107²) hold down [x] hit [y]
(• sinplified syntax for modifier key combinations [ALT] [b]!x::[/b] [WIN] [b]#x::[/b] [Ctrl] [b]^x::[/b]
• [b]unlimited amount[/b] "one after another key" shortcuts [b]:*:12\::[/b] )

¹ =recommended ahk_L build ignore the .bin file added to the .zip latest ahk build 240kb you scan the file online @

[b]In general: [/b]
the above AHK.exe*s are creating ONLY a sample file, simular named to the exe i.e. a.ahk or AutoHotkey.ahk
The .ahk files you can see like an .ini file . The .exe*s are opening after your permission the created .ahk file in notepad

If to short ask -_- it*s worth to think about and to use the ~1000 open source [url=]Autohotkey[/url] scripts and code snippets like above

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