Modifiers vs Functions

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Modifiers vs Functions

Post by Stamimail » Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:15 pm

What is the difference between Modifiers and Functions?

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Re: Modifiers vs Functions

Post by void » Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:30 am

Modifiers are flags for functions.
Functions are how the specified "search term" is used to compare files.

Everything searches are broken into "search terms" by using spaces or |.
For example, the search ABC 123 is two search terms: ABC AND 123.

Every search term in Everything has a list of modifiers (zero or more) and one function associated with it.

If the function is not specified the default search function is used depending on what search settings you have (match path, match case etc...).
Most likely all search settings will be disabled and Everything will use a case/diacritic insensitive STRSTR function.

For the search: ABC 123, Everything would interpret this as:
nocase:nodiacritics:nopath:nowholewords:noregex:STRSTR:ABC nocase:nodiacritics:nopath:nowholewords:noregex:STRSTR:123
Where STRSTR is the default search function.

Some modifiers do nothing for some functions, for example: regex: ignores the wholeword: modifier. dupe: ignores the case: modifier.
When working with functions that have a "text" search term, generally, case:, path:, wholeword:, diacritics: and regex: modifiers are supported.
For example, regex:content:^ABC to search for files that start with the content ABC.

Not all functions take a search term, such as dupe:.
If you do specify a search term, it is split into two, eg: dupe:ABC becomes dupe: AND ABC

By default, content: will not use a wildcard comparison, if you want to do a wildcard content comparison, use wildcards:content:ABC*123

All functions support the file: or folder: modifier to limit results to files only or folders only.

list of modifiers and functions.

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