Fast and persistent sorting

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Fast and persistent sorting

Post by void » Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:47 am

In Everything 1.3 or earlier, the sort will reset to name after changing the search parameters.
Sorting by size or dates can be very slow.

In Everything 1.4 or later, you can enable fast sorting to very quickly sort results.

Fast sorting is persistent, that is, Everything will remember the sort between searches.

To enable fast sorting:
  • In "Everything", from the Tools menu, click Options.
  • Click the Indexes tab.
  • Check the desired fast sort options:
    • Fast size sort
    • Fast date created sort
    • Fast date modified sort
    • Fast date accessed sort
    • Fast attribute sort
    • Fast path sort
    • Fast extension sort
  • Click OK.
Note: Enabling fast sort requires more memory usage. The corresponding extra file information must be included in the index.
Hover over a fast sort option to see a tooltip showing the extra memory requirements.

Some fast sorts are available in Everything 1.3 and later such as Name, Date Run, Run Count and Date Recently Changed. Fast sorting is always enabled for these types.

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