Index all datastreams of a file

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Index all datastreams of a file

Post by NotNull » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:56 pm

Possibly not a mainstream suggestion, but it might be useful to also index the alternate/ alternative/ named datastreams (short:ADS).

Couple of use cases:
  • Some applications store metadata and tags of documents in this ADS. That would make this metadata searchable.
  • (My main usecase:)Search for Zone.Identifier datastreams so that they can be deleted (frm within Everything).

    This Zone.Identifier datastream gets added to files you download from the internet. You have to unblock those (file properties > Unblock) before further processing is possible. Deleting the datastream does the same.
    Currently I use a script for that; it deletes all Zone.Identifier streams from all the files in my download folders.
  • This gives a more accurate representation of actual disk space usage (currently only the unnamed datastream is 'counted')

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Re: Index all datastreams of a file

Post by void » Tue Sep 18, 2018 7:47 am

It's on my TODO list, currently Everything ignores named data streams.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Re: Index all datastreams of a file

Post by collinchaffin » Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:28 pm

I wasn't sure if I should post here, or resurrect the decade-old thread here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4481

Either way after searching to see if ADS indexing had been added yet to Everything, I came across that above thread asking for a mainstream example of app(s) that actively use xattr alternate data streams and was blown away that the one that is WILDLY popular in the last decade was never mentioned since it's entire backup/restore operation (primary) depends on xattr ADS.

That tool which I'm certain void has not only heard of, but may have even used is FILEBOT. If you go grab v4.79 (the last fully freeware) although even the > 4.80beta/final (now shareware) still maintain this functionality. Filebot stores the original filename and some other metadata within ADS of the files it manipulates which it then uses as the primary to "undo". It obviously is not the only app utilizing ADS that without specialized one-off utils like Nirsoft or scripts today makes them virtually invisible to most users. ES could change all that. :)

With that said, back to the real-world example - anyone who specifically uses Filebot against large media libraries (tens-hundreds of TB+) would absolutely see Everything as a godsend to be able to have it index, store, then use it's instant-db query to report on the origin of the files etc.

Today, there are different scripted solutions (I myself am a Powershell guy and have now been doing PoSH ADS querying) but we rely on (if we even store non-volatile at all) implementing our own back-end storage methods from flat data files, to sqlite etc. I myself already use Powershell to query Everything though, too and boy since I already store all my media library standard file info from all those source drives into Everything how awesome would that be even if it was a folder-like manual refresh process to just have that data in ES not only for my scripts, but heck just for quick searches!

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