option to 'move' the status bar

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option to 'move' the status bar

Post by adamantine » Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:11 am

(i understand that this idea may seem quite unusual and disputable but anyway i decided to let you know about it)

quite rarely i place my whole 'every-thing' window within a screen. mostly only its upper left part is visible
so it would be nice if status bar could be moved to the right of the 'menu' area (this space is not in use anyway)
and by saying 'move' i rather mean the possibility: a) to hide status bar in its current place, b) to enable status bar to the right of menu (close to 'help' item)

i propose to implement this feature in order to have all essential informative parts of the program in 1 area

this new status bar may contain:
1) info about objects (quantity, selected) exactly in the way we have this info now within standard status bar
2) custom inscriptions/buttons for: match path, match case, match whole word; filters

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Re: option to 'move' the status bar

Post by void » Tue Jun 18, 2013 12:45 pm

This would require Everything's own implementation of the menu bar.
Everything currently uses the standard windows menu bar and can not be changed easily like this.
Implementing my own menu bar is on my things to do list for a future release of Everything.

I will consider the option to allow the user to move the status bar to the right of the menu bar.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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