TIP: run programs elevated from Everything

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TIP: run programs elevated from Everything

Post by NotNull » Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:27 pm

Suppose you are running Everything with a "normal", non-elevated, user account and want some program or file to Run as administrator.
Then you open the context menu of that file and choose "Run as adminstrator" (if available).
But if you operate Everything mainly with the keyboard? Shift-F10, couple of times down, Enter?

There is an alternative: Ctrl-Shift-Enter on a file/program an that will be started elevated:
  • Go to Menu:Tools > Options > Keyboard
  • Select File | Custom Verb 1 (or 2 or ..
  • Click on the Add button
  • Use shortcut in: Result List
  • Enter the key-combination Ctrl-Shift-Enter in the shortcut key: box
  • Click OK
  • Close Everything completely (Systemtray: Rightclick Everything icon(s) > Exit
  • Edit your Everything,ini (most likely to be found here: %APPDATA%\Everything\Everything.in):
    Replace custom_verb01= with: custom_verb01=Runas
  • Save Everything.ini
  • Start Everything.exe
Now you should be able to run a program elevated by doing a Ctrl-Shift-Enter

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