Diferent hotkeys for diferent windows

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Diferent hotkeys for diferent windows

Post by jpsala » Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:35 pm

Hi, is there a way to have diferent hotkeys to open diferent windows, say for example: win-f brings a window and search everything, and win-e brings another window and search for executables, etc, did I explain my self, english is not my languaje.

Thanks for this app, love it!

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Re: Diferent hotkeys for diferent windows

Post by yoyomaah » Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:23 am

It would be great if this was supported natively by Everything!

I had the same though a couple of months ago and solved it using Autohotkey, using the following script that simply executes Windows Shortcuts:

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#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

Run, C:\path\to\shortcuts\EverythingVideo.lnk

Run, C:\path\to\shortcuts\EverythingExe.lnk
The shortcuts then use Everything's command-line interface (See Help > Command-line options):

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C:\path\to\Everything.exe -matchpath -filter Video -sort "Name"
Now you just need to define filters like Video or Executable in Everything (See Search > Organize Filters).

You may need to start the Script with administrator-privileges, though.

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