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David Carpenter

Xayriya tarixiCommentAmount
27 February 2021Thanks for a fantastic tool! I wouldn't want to use Windows without it anymore.$10.00 USD
27 February 2021Thank you for the wonderful Everything tool!$20.00 USD
27 February 2021I can't believe I ever lived without this tool. How you haven't been acquired by Microsoft by now to fix their search features I'll never understand.$10.00 USD
27 February 2021indispensable$20.00 USD
27 February 2021Impossible to overstate how important this tool is for my daily work, for years already. Thanks for creating Everything. Benjamin$20.00 USD
27 February 2021Very good tool. I installed autohotkey and added a hotkey windows_key-f for quickest access. Disabled microsoft-indexing completely. Doing all filesearching with everything.$25.00 USD
27 February 2021Great tool David! Thanks very much!$10.00 USD
26 February 2021Great tool I've been using for years by now. Will always recommend it to others.$5.00 USD
26 February 2021This application is nothing short of fantastic, and has been for many years now. Thank you.$6.66 USD
24 February 2021This tool is my secret weapon at work. We have a 6TB network drive shared with the entire company. I run a portable version of Everything since I'm a standard user. I want to find something, I search and it's there, instantaneously. Thank you Mr. Carpenter!$10.00 USD
23 February 2021Thanks David for quick support. Great! Regards, alfred$20.00 USD
21 February 2021Still amazed by this tool.$5.00 USD
18 February 2021hands down the fastest way to find files in windows lightning fast$20.00 USD
18 February 2021Everything is my most important tool. It's the first thing I install when setting up a new Windows installation. Thanks!!! 🤠$20.00 USD
16 February 2021Still getting my bearings with Everything, but from what I've done so far, it's a phenomenal app. Searches I've struggled with in Windows have just been intuitive in Everything. A great way of discovering misplaced and duplicate files. Exporting customizable device inventories to spreadsheets is a wonderful feature. It deserves more words than PayPal allows. It deserves an exclamation point. !$15.00 USD
16 February 2021Great tool!$5.00 USD
15 February 2021Please make anonymous. Also thanks so much for the tool. Awesome!!!$10.00 USD
15 February 2021Best program since sliced bread - my goto app everyday$10.00 USD
14 February 2021Dear David, I always enjoy using this tool! In addition, the support works great! Kind regards Klaus$5.00 USD
14 February 2021Thank you for this very useful tool!$10.00 USD
13 February 2021Everything is awesome! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've been loving Everything daily for the past decade.$20.00 USD
12 February 2021Great tool, I use it all the time!$10.00 USD
12 February 2021Great bit of software. Thanks.$10.00 USD
12 February 2021I've heard great things about this program, glad to have it now!$5.00 USD
12 February 2021Best file search tool ever! And it is super fast.$10.00 USD
12 February 2021Thank you René Moreno$15.00 USD
12 February 2021thank you David.$5.00 USD
11 February 2021Thank you, it's a great utility, keep up the good work and enhancements.$10.00 USD
11 February 2021Everything is a wonderful tool. I've started using it daily!$5.00 USD
11 February 2021Thank you, PERFECT TOOL, -Steven in Austin Tx USA$10.00 USD
11 February 2021Thanks for developing such an awesome tool! I use Search Everything multiple times every day, I couldn't live without it!$50.00 USD
10 February 2021David, I'm on a limited income (social security only) but I've used your program for years - and have converted many techs to its use. Suggestion: get How-To Geek to write an article about your great application!! Sandee$10.00 USD
9 February 2021Отличная программа!$10.00 USD
9 February 2021I'm blown away$10.00 USD
8 February 2021Thank you so much for that incredibly fast and efficient tool!$30.00 USD
7 February 2021Very useful for working effectively on Windows computers$25.00 USD
7 February 2021Thanks for Everything, I've been using it for 10 years!$15.00 USD
7 February 2021Again, thank you for a *wonderful* program that saves me so much time, many times a day!$50.00 USD
7 February 2021One of my all-time favorite tools that I install on all Windows machines. Thanks for years of easy searching for files and folders. Too bad there's no Linux version :)$3.33 USD
6 February 2021I've never liked Windows Search. Yours does such a better job. It does the best job of any search tool. I'm glad I found it so long ago. It's just fabulous!$50.00 USD
6 February 2021Thanks for the most amazing utility. I have used it for many years as an essential PC function. Why, oh why, isn't the native Windows search as good as this??? You have proved that it is possible. Anyway, I am glad for your sake that you have been able to make some money off your creativity and skills.$20.00 USD
5 February 2021Thanks so much for your continued support of this incredible and useful tool and not giving into the bloated new UI conventions of Win10.$25.00 USD
4 February 2021Your tool has made my day to day easier for years. This is the least I can do for all the hard work you've put in. Thanks for keeping it updated, safe, and free for all.$50.00 USD
4 February 2021Thanks for "Everything"!$5.00 USD
4 February 2021The Everything tool has dramatically improved my workflow! I use it as a developer and it saves me lots of time.$25.00 USD
4 February 2021My computing life is broken into two primary segments - B. E. (before Everything) and A. E (after Everything). Sure wish you could teach the other codemonkeys how it's done and done right. . . .$20.00 USD
4 February 2021Thank you for creating the greatest Windows search tool ever!$55.57 USD
2 February 2021Excellent tool !! thanks for your work$5.00 USD
2 February 2021Love this prog, hope this helps to keep it free for all, I recommend to everyone who asks for a better local search engine.$25.00 USD
2 February 2021Wonderful, fast. Can't live without it. Hope next version has an option to always show Folders results first. Thanks.$20.00 USD
2 February 2021I haven't used this tool much yet, but it comes so highly recommended and the fact it's still updated rocks. Thank you for your work!!$15.00 USD
1 February 2021First app I install on any new Windows PC I use, and recommend to friends and family! Grateful for the continued support and development, here's to hoping you can keep it free in the future.$20.00 USD
1 February 2021Still lovin' it!$20.00 USD
1 February 2021So grateful for your work, such a helpful tool. Will donate again in the future.$10.00 USD
1 February 2021Often used and very useful. Thank you so much for your fine software.$10.00 USD
1 February 2021Thank you for the latest update David. It's great to see you're still working on this awesome piece of software. I use it daily and am grateful for it.$10.00 USD
1 February 2021Congrats for such a an invaluable tool, don't stop to evolve it, we will continously support you!!$12.00 USD
1 February 2021Been using Everything for years and I install it on every computer I use/administrate. Thank you, David.$5.00 USD
1 February 2021Thank you for a really awesome app. Windows 10 search facility sucks so badly that it is not usable at all. I was prepared to wait for Everything to find my files - until I noticed that it was done the moment I completed entering the search string :) Keep up the good work.$10.00 USD
31 January 2021David, this is my most important tool. I'm glad it's free, but the willingness of people to donate anyway is a testament to its quality and usefulness. If only it were available for my Android phones and tablets. . .$100.00 USD
31 January 2021Great work!$10.00 USD
31 January 2021Excellent App ~!$3.00 USD
30 January 2021One of those rare apps that "Just Works"$10.00 USD
30 January 2021Everything was a watershed on my everyday PC usage.$10.00 USD
30 January 2021Thank you, you have given me back my life again - I don't have to spend hours searching now. Brilliant!$7.50 USD
30 January 2021keep up the good work$10.00 USD
29 January 2021as always. . . FK windows. . UR the best and make the search real. . . thank you. . .$10.00 USD
29 January 2021David, in 2009 I was loving Search GT by Isatech with Windows XP, and was devastated when Arshak told me they could not afford to develop for Windows 7. That's why I was elated when I discovered Everything, and am happy to donate the amount that Search GT cost. I will never cease to be amazed at the instantaneous response it provides. Thanks for making computer usage easier and more effective.$20.00 USD
29 January 2021Excellent application. Thank you very much$5.00 USD
29 January 2021Thank you very much. I just discovered Everything. It´s great! Thanks from Germany.$15.00 USD
29 January 2021Amazing tool. I use it daily. Thanks a lot!$10.00 USD
29 January 2021top tool$10.00 USD
29 January 2021Everything is a critical tool that I use every day. Thank you!$10.00 USD
29 January 2021Fantastic software. Microsoft should buy & integrate it.$5.00 USD
29 January 2021Great utility! Saves time finding lost files.$25.00 USD
29 January 2021Excellent tool. Thank you.$10.00 USD
29 January 2021Thanks! I have been using 'Everything' for years now, can't do without. It's the first thing I install on a new computer. Every now and then I make a contribution, you deserve it.$10.00 USD
28 January 2021I'm so grateful to you for Everything!$25.00 USD
28 January 2021I can think of no finer approbation than this: 'You have made the aether a better place. Well done, and thank you. ' - Philip K. (Amanzimtoti , South Africa)$10.00 USD
28 January 2021Thanks David, I love your application and have been using it for a few years. It is great!!$25.00 USD
28 January 2021Excellent tool. Thank you.$10.00 USD
28 January 2021One of the best tools, I use on a daily basis, thanks!$5.00 USD
27 January 2021Everything is awesome.$15.00 USD
27 January 2021David, Thanks for great, wonderful application, I use it daily and I'm very satisfied$10.00 USD
27 January 2021Such a great tool ! Thumbs up from France !$10.00 USD
26 January 2021David, I don't know how any user of Windows with lots of drives and files can live without this tool. I know I can't anymore. Thank you.$8.00 USD
25 January 2021Excelente programa.$1.00 USD
25 January 2021Great utility. Even better when I read the FAQ and learned how to include my network shares. . .$15.00 USD
24 January 2021A perfect 5/7.$10.00 USD
24 January 2021Everything - What an apt name.$10.00 USD
23 January 2021Microsoft should pay you for fixing Windows sad search.$10.00 USD
23 January 2021Excellent!$20.00 USD
20 January 2021reminds me of Google Desktop! thank you$5.00 USD
19 January 2021Good work!$25.00 USD
18 January 2021Incredibly fast and flexible software! Keep it up$15.00 USD
17 January 2021Thank you very much$10.00 USD
17 January 2021So much better than Windows search. Thanks!$20.00 USD
17 January 2021Enormemente agradecido. Thank you so much! Great tool.$5.00 USD
15 January 2021Vielen Dank, tolles Programm!$10.00 USD
13 January 2021One of the best file indexing tools I've ever used on Windows. Its been invaluable to us.$10.00 USD
13 January 2021Great tool. Thank you for making it available.$10.00 USD
13 January 2021Ridiculously powerful and useful. The ability to index local files AND network shares and to exclude certain results makes this my second most important dev tool, after VS code.$10.00 USD
10 January 2021I use this every single day. Invaluable!$10.00 USD
9 January 2021thank you so much david i'm really enjoying EVERYTHING more and more !! tysm$5.00 USD
9 January 2021Excellent program, I've been using it for years, thank you! Fulvio$20.00 USD
9 January 2021thanks$7.00 USD
8 January 2021Excellent tool. Just excellent. I can't figure out why Microsoft hasn't bought this from you and incorporated it in Windows. But then I guess they'd updated it with Skype-themes, and then update it to make it annoyingly pop-up in the middle of a Teams login, and then force it to update computers every other week, and then announced it would discontinue support and encourage all users to try the exciting replacement product called "Nothing". So maybe it's better they don't buy it from you and people just keep donating :) Also, I love being asked "Can you install everything on my computer?"$60.00 USD
8 January 2021Keep it up$5.00 USD
8 January 2021Takes a lot of stress out of finding a file!$10.00 USD
8 January 2021Since finding and using your product about 1yr ago, I have found it an essential must have product. Anyone that deals with a lot of files and needs to find things quickly will mind huge benefits of this product. I found searching Windows 10 on large NAS devices extremely slow and now I 'm able to find files within secs. Microsoft could learn something from you!$35.00 USD
7 January 2021Awesome tool! The best search engine and the fastest ever!$10.00 USD
7 January 2021Excellent tool$15.00 USD
6 January 2021Dear Mr. David Carpenter, I would like to thank you for your tool which helped me enormously. I am a French student, and while I worked as an intern, I had to look for files about some projects in a gigantic tree of files. What could have taken days only took me a couple a hours thanks to your program. I also use your tool on a regular basis to find files of mine I lost on my computer. A couple of times, I was pleasantly surprised to find something I thought I had lost. And I'm sure your time spent on developing this tool helped tens of thousands of people feel the kind of relief I sometimes felt thanks to you. The fact that there are people that develop this kind of tool is truly amazing. At first, I didn't believe it was possible to index my computer and retrieve files that fast, but you did an amazing work. Thank you, and have an excellent year.$10.00 USD
5 January 2021Funziona molto bene. Grazie$10.00 USD
5 January 2021I rarely donate but 'Everything' is just too good to be true!$10.00 USD
5 January 2021I use this program every single day, thank you for greatly helping my productivity (I deal with hundreds of projects with hundreds of thousands of files across various plug and play drives)$25.00 USD
4 January 2021This is a fantastic tool. Thank you for your continued work on it.$25.00 USD
2 January 2021Just want to say thanks for this great tool. Thought it would be cool to give it a go and I've now been using it for quite a while across a number of instances. It's a brilliant tool that just works. I use it to help me properly name and then find text files (in dropbox, across all my machines) containing code snippets, bookmarks (instead of online cloud services), code examples, things i've learnt etc. Thank you for taking the time and effort to develop something like this that just works. I have seen FastSearch from Samsung on my new laptop but I'm installing Everything because I know it works and it works fast. Introduced my mate to Everythin the other day and he loves it. Software - done properly! Thank you.$20.00 USD
1 January 2021Happy New Year!$5.00 USD
1 January 2021"Everything" search is ABSURDLY effective. After using it a few times I thought: huh, that could be useful. Now that I've been using it for almost two years I want to shake my head and spit when I think of Microsoft's abusive negligence, letting Windows stumble through people's lives without a guidance system like "Everything". This is one razor-sharp tool that lets you observe what your file system is up to and light up the dim caverns of 30 layered years of dead storage metaphors. Yeah, you can find your stuff. But also, it turns out that there was no reason ever to tithe aggravation to an operating system as the cost of maintaining a sense of where everything is. Great stuff. Kicking in some dough to say thanks to a developer who got it more right than anyone else, ever.$5.00 USD
1 January 2021Many thanks for a great program!$5.00 USD
31 December 2020GREAT little program that does it's job perfectly. I have used it for many years and find it VERY useful. D$10.00 USD
31 December 2020Great Program!$10.00 USD
31 December 2020Thank you for Everything and wish you a happy new year!$5.86 USD
29 December 2020Everything Search is an indispensable tool that I use every day without much thought. The Void Tools developers found the sweet spot that all users appreciate (whether they know it or not), a reliable intuitive app that gets the job done without being overly complicated or bloated with unnecessary features. Great work, guys!$5.00 USD
29 December 2020Very cool! Thank you very much for the effort.$25.00 USD
29 December 2020Great Tool, Many thanks and Happy new year$5.00 USD
29 December 2020Been using for some time now and I absolutely love it! Thank you!$20.00 USD
29 December 2020Very nice - QUICK - Windows 10 search is a productivity killer - EVERYTHING is King$5.00 USD
27 December 2020I really appreciate the utility of Everything!$25.00 USD
27 December 2020So much faster and more relevant than the default windows search. Thanks!$5.00 USD
26 December 2020Just great$15.00 USD
24 December 2020Some of my favorite software. One of the first things installed on a new machine for nearly a decade.$15.00 USD
20 December 2020Another year. Another donation. Thank you!$50.00 USD
15 December 2020Great program keep up the good work I've been a Total Commander man forever . . but your program is so fast. I would love a secondary filter option to fine tune a search once you've gotten to the 1st level . . . Love it . . Peter Robinson Australia$20.00 USD
14 December 2020Your program is superb. I've been using it for years, and I can't tell you how much time it has saved me. Thanks!$15.00 USD
13 December 2020Hi! Thank you for your program! It is really fast and helps me a lot! Keep up the good work. Greetings from Russia, zaebis!$100.00 USD
13 December 2020Thank you again for this great tool, David! Unbelievable helpful. Sometimes I ask my colleagues, how they can live without it.$20.00 USD
12 December 2020Thank you for such wonderful software. My friend Richard L**** suggested it many years ago and I've used it ever since.$150.00 USD
9 December 2020Works great!$10.00 USD
9 December 2020Use Everything on a daily basis, great tool. Maybe you can add the following feature in the future: Highlight search result rows by a pattern, e. g. all results from C:are blue, all from D:are green. . . . Thx, great tool$30.00 USD
8 December 2020Thank you for cre ating such a helpful tool$15.00 USD
8 December 2020The best search tool ever, I use it for years.$15.00 USD
7 December 2020This is much better than the Windows search utility, I cannot believe the amount of attention that has gone into its development. No detail has been overlooked. By far the best. Kyriacos$25.00 USD
6 December 2020I have used Everything for so many years now, both professionally and privately. It's one of THE most important tools on each of my computers. I almost couldn't live without it and recommend it to everybody and everybody trying it is a fan immediately. Now it's time to give back for all the convenience your efforts have brought me. Thanks so much and take care!$25.00 USD
6 December 2020Thanks for this little treasure JS$10.00 USD
6 December 2020Been using this for ages. I can't imagine living without it now. I strongly recommend to everyone I work with, yet sometimes people just prefer to click through ten levels of folders to find that source file or a config. Oh well.$20.00 USD
4 December 2020Very Useful software. Thanks!$15.00 USD
4 December 2020Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!$20.00 USD
4 December 2020Great tool. It's great to see how a program with less than 3MB of code can do things that others with 100MB can't. It saves so much time.$10.00 USD
3 December 2020Thanks for a great utility!$20.00 USD
3 December 2020Grandissimo David!!! hai fatto un programma eccezionale! Dio ti benedica, continua cosi!!$30.00 USD
2 December 2020Thanks for another year of great tools.$20.00 USD
1 December 2020I've got several places where I store files. This is a godsend to help me find my stuff.$15.00 USD
30 November 2020An example of how programs should be made. Thank you!$20.00 USD
30 November 2020Great software, very helpful. I use it very often. Thank you.$25.00 USD
30 November 2020It's a virus. . . . I willingly spread it among friends. They thank me! It's the first app I install on a new machine.$20.00 USD
30 November 2020Thnx. Using it Everyday for almost Everything!$10.00 USD
27 November 2020Love the software, it is one of my first installs on a new machine.$10.00 USD
26 November 2020Astounding! A must have, ditch your Windows Indexer. Went through almost a TB of files in about a minute on the initial startup. Poof! All indexed. EVERYthing, ha ha.$10.00 USD
26 November 2020An essential tool for Windows OS. Thanks!$30.00 USD
26 November 2020Great program! I use every day. Thanks!$15.00 USD
24 November 2020Absolute must have tool for Windows, bar none. One day, please port it to Linux, maybe even open-source it, for the greater good. But for now, thanks, just thanks for maintaining this tool and making it available for free.$15.00 USD
23 November 2020Very Useful program, thanks for all the efforts$15.00 USD
21 November 2020Very helpful program - thanks!$10.00 USD
19 November 2020Outstanding software.$20.00 USD
19 November 2020装机必备$5.00 USD
18 November 2020This is an absolutely essential app. Super useful, super fast. Why hasn't Microsoft just made it a part of Windows already?$5.00 USD
17 November 2020I use Everything Everyday. . . so thankyou$20.00 USD
15 November 2020Thanks for the work.$7.77 USD
15 November 2020I wish that the virus did not exist, if it did not I'd donate much more. To say I was impressed with the Search Everything is putting a mild point on it. Windows 10 search is total crap, yours is 1000% good. Thank you so so much!$20.00 USD
13 November 2020Everything is something I use everyday, Thank you again! Any development for a Android device app? Take care,$25.00 USD
13 November 2020Best Windows file tool ever!$10.00 USD
11 November 2020top Progamm danke!$8.88 USD
10 November 2020Many thanks :)$5.00 USD
9 November 2020Merci!!!$5.00 USD
9 November 2020Thank you. Really.$5.00 USD
8 November 2020Thank you for such a useful tool!$20.00 USD
7 November 2020I only wish I had found this sooner. Thank you.$25.00 USD
6 November 2020Thank you for this phenomenal tool.$20.00 USD
6 November 2020This piece of software is a miracle!$10.00 USD
31 October 2020Thank you for a nice tool.$20.00 USD
30 October 2020Please consider adding index based file content search similar to docfetcher! Thank you.$20.00 USD
30 October 2020great job!$20.00 USD
29 October 2020This is really wonderful! I probably use it more frequently than any other program on my W10 system and drives. Bravo! It works flawlessly and as expected every time! --Bill Blue$25.00 USD
29 October 2020Too long using Everything without donating! Regards, Claude Fleurey$40.00 USD
21 October 2020Excellent utility; how has this not been purchased from you by Microsoft?!? :-)$5.00 USD
21 October 2020Everything is a great tool, saves me a lot of effort. Hope this small donation helps keep it going and robust, thanks for the great work!$20.00 USD
20 October 2020excellent - thanks!$10.00 USD
20 October 2020Keep ON, David$20.00 USD
17 October 2020Excellent utility ^^$20.00 USD
17 October 2020What an incredibly useful utility. Thanks for the development. I'm not connected but those who appreciate this will likely also appreciate clipdiary.$15.00 USD
17 October 2020Great program. Very comprehensive. The PCs answer to 'Find Any File' for the Mac.$10.00 USD
16 October 2020Very nice program and immensely useful. Well done man! Would like to give more but can not afford. cheers$7.00 USD
16 October 2020Thanks for such as useful tool David. I wish it crashed a little less, but I am very grateful for its existence and your time invested. Kind regards, Sam$7.50 USD
14 October 2020I sure wish you could replace windows search with everything.$20.00 USD
11 October 2020thank u zuozhe,this soft very haoyong,u hai free tigong,too weida le$1.10 USD
9 October 2020Wonderful software! Thanks$5.00 USD
8 October 2020Great. Thank you.$5.00 USD
7 October 2020Excellent tool! Has probably saved me hours over the years. This functionality should be built into Explorer. I sometimes have to lookup the syntax, so buttons underneath the search box for popular choices would be a good improvement. Or maybe some kind of autocomplete suggestions.$20.00 USD
6 October 2020I've been using this tool for almost 3 years and it really helped me a lot. also found an enjoyment in programming. Thank you. 한글 번역해주신 분도 감사의 인사 드립니다.$10.00 USD
6 October 2020Everything is still my go to for searching even though use WorldDox at the office. Thanks so much for a simple to use, elegant program.$25.00 USD
4 October 2020Very useful utility. I use it everyday, more time a day. Thankyou. Piero Gessaga$10.00 USD
1 October 2020Thank you$10.00 USD
30 September 2020Thank you for this great tool. Server side selection would be awesome !$20.00 USD
29 September 2020Very glad I found you.$10.00 USD
29 September 2020I love it!$10.00 USD
29 September 2020One of the best utilities there is. Really a time saver and a must have for every Windows user!$50.00 USD
18 September 2020Thank you for this little jewel. I couldn't live through one single day without this wonderful masterpiece. $10.00 USD
18 September 2020Excelente aplicación. Muchas gracias$5.00 USD
17 September 2020Thank you. Invaluable tool!$20.00 USD
17 September 2020How could I live without it?$20.00 USD
17 September 2020Fantastic tool. Thanks for all the hard work.$10.00 USD
15 September 2020Thanks ^^$5.00 USD
13 September 2020Thanks ^^$5.00 USD
13 September 2020Thank you very valuable $15.00 USD
13 September 2020$15.00 USD
12 September 2020$5.55 USD
12 September 2020The best tool on earth. God bless you.$20.00 USD
12 September 2020Thanks for providing this really, really, really helpful tool ! $20.00 USD
10 September 2020$10.00 USD
10 September 2020An essential tool!$10.00 USD
8 September 2020Nice work ;)$5.00 USD
6 September 2020Thank you for an awesome and most helpful tool! Using it on a daily basis.$10.00 USD
5 September 2020A lifesaver$5.00 USD
5 September 2020MY first go to application to find most things - thank you$20.00 USD
4 September 2020I can't live without this tool now.$30.00 AUD
4 September 2020$100.00 USD
3 September 2020Microsoft should hire you$5.00 USD
3 September 2020David, Everything is one of my most-used utilities. Thanks so much for creating it and continuing to support and make it available.$64.92 AUD
2 September 2020This tool iS awesome.$20.00 USD
1 September 2020Very useful tool. Thank you !$12.00 USD
30 August 2020Changed the way I use computers. Absolutely essential!$32.32 AUD
30 August 2020Wonderful tool. I wasted so much time searching multiple network drives, even using a saved custom windows search. No comparison, real timesaver, great work!$15.00 USD
29 August 2020Ogni giorno 100 volte Grazie S$10.00 USD
29 August 2020Exceptional tool, I use it every day$20.00 AUD
29 August 2020One of my favourite and most used programs. A wonderful help.$10.00 AUD
27 August 2020Simple, focused, instant results. Brilliant!$5.00 USD
27 August 2020Beats File Explorer search!$10.00 AUD
26 August 2020excellent tool :)$25.00 USD
26 August 2020great job!!!!!!!!!! it was really what i need!$10.00 USD
25 August 2020Thanks so much! This is such a useful app, wish I knew of it a long time ago.$10.00 USD
24 August 2020This program is AMAZING!!! It is so fast. I use it on a daily basis!$50.00 USD
24 August 2020Irreplaceable and so reliable$20.00 AUD
23 August 2020BEYOND useful. Literally saves my bacon on a DAILY basis. Thank you!$5.00 USD
23 August 2020Just works! and so fast. Great work David.$50.00 USD
23 August 2020Superb utility. Rely on it heavily.$20.00 USD
22 August 2020Excellent utility. Thank you.$10.00 USD
21 August 2020This utility ist a piece of art. I'm a developer and I use it every day. It's the fastes search tool EVER. Usually I have more or less things to critisize about every tool I use, but THIS program...$15.00 USD
20 August 2020Have used this for more years than I can remember. Invaluable. Great work, thank you!$10.00 USD
19 August 2020Very good utility!$20.00 USD
18 August 2020Fantastic utility in the spirit of the original Norton Utilities. Very powerful but you only need to learn the complexities if you need them. Great UI design. $25.00 USD
17 August 2020Using it constantly$10.00 USD
16 August 2020Can't live without it anymore. Wish it was opensource$5.00 AUD
15 August 2020Couldn't possibly use Windows without this most excellent product. Thank you for offering it as freeware.$20.00 USD
15 August 2020Use it every day. Very usefull. $5.00 USD
15 August 2020Many thanks for your great job. I use this program almost everyday!$10.00 USD
15 August 2020Excellent utility. So useful I can't imagine working without it. Thank you$10.00 USD
14 August 2020Use it everyday.$10.00 USD
14 August 2020Thanks again, David.$10.00 USD
14 August 2020Kudos. This is a great program and timesaver. $15.00 AUD
13 August 2020I LOVE it! I get so many results I end up doing a more restrictive search to winnow them down, but too many hits beats not finding what you want. Had no idea how many directories Windows ignore$25.00 USD
13 August 2020Blows windows search away with how fast everything is. It also handles huge network shares like a champ. Life changing software for sure$6.00 USD
13 August 2020great tool - thanks!$20.00 USD
12 August 2020A good program.$10.00 USD
11 August 2020Great tool - thank you!$15.00 USD
11 August 2020Thank you. Great tool.$20.00 USD
11 August 2020Love this program. Thanks for your hard work. :)$10.00 USD
10 August 2020Thanks for showing me how to access my external drive, Mr Carpenter. A little obvious, once you know how. ;-) I recently recommended Everything to some colleagues. Best regards, John$10.00 USD
10 August 2020Thanks for all the hard work. কঠোর পরিশ্রমের জন্য ধন্যবাদ.$3.00 USD
10 August 2020An essential and wonderful program. Thanks!$15.00 USD
10 August 2020Exquisite work. Second donation.$30.00 USD
9 August 2020Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've been loving Everything daily for the past decade.$20.00 AUD
8 August 2020What an essential tool. Thank you!$20.00 USD
7 August 2020Thanks for a program that ought to be part of Windows, and you ought to be permanently rich enough from the Windows buyout to create more programs or swing in a hammock the rest of your days.$25.00 USD
6 August 2020Best file finder of any platform. Allows indexing of all my files onto one machine, whether the files reside on the machine Everything runs or not. Powerful search options. Couldn't live without it.$10.00 USD
5 August 2020Life saver software -- I hope it will support exFAT one day$50.00 USD
5 August 2020It just works. Nicely done.$5.00 USD
3 August 2020Your software has changed my life!$7.00 USD
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2 August 2020I love this app. It's SO FAST! Goodbye Windows Search FOREVER.$5.00 USD
1 August 2020New version of Everything = New donation. This program deserves it. Thank you so much David.$20.00 USD
1 August 2020I use Everything as a database management tool. Absolutely Great! Thank you David and Grace and Peace to you.$10.00 USD
1 August 2020Thanks for all the hard work.$10.00 USD
1 August 2020Nice!$10.00 USD
1 August 2020This is exceptional! I appreciate the ability to select and move batches of files that allows me to sort and refile. Wish that Duplicate Finder programs were nearly as efficient.$10.00 USD
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31 July 2020Thank you. Very useful tool.$10.00 USD
31 July 2020Thank you for working hard to solve the Trend Micro issue. I rely on Everything every day!$20.00 USD
31 July 2020Thanks for the excellent tool, and for the kind support. You're the best :)$10.00 USD
30 July 2020This is one fantastically helpful piece of software that I rely on many times every day. I recommend it highly to anyone who store information on a Windows computer.$20.00 USD
30 July 2020Great utility! Saves me a lot of time even with the X1 full text tool.$50.00 USD
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27 July 2020A Tour de Force of software utility. Not only helpful to find lost files, but indispensable to keep libraries organized. Lightening fast.$10.00 USD
26 July 2020Thank You very much for this fantastic, quick search tool.$10.00 USD
26 July 2020I use this all the time. I think I donated before. $10.00 USD
25 July 2020I've donated before but here's a little more. I use Everything every working day. It's indispensable for working with files accumulated over 30+ years (yeah, I'm THAT old). Thank you! $10.00 USD
25 July 2020Thank you for Everything.$15.00 USD
24 July 2020Thanks for all of the work you've put into this project. It's an outstanding program$25.00 USD
24 July 2020Every once in awhile you'll find a rare unknown hidden gem that you can't imagine life without. Everything is one of the biggest of these gems.$50.00 USD
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17 July 2020I love you$10.00 USD
16 July 2020I use this tool at least a few times per week - ty :)$5.00 USD
16 July 2020Thanks again for this invaluable program. Microsoft should pay you for this program and integrate it into Windows 10.$10.00 USD
16 July 2020Best wished~$30.00 USD
14 July 2020Brilliant tool for daily use. Thanks!$40.00 USD
14 July 2020 Thank you for everything! :) Even works with network drives.$20.00 USD
14 July 2020After only a short time of using Everything, it becomes natural to reach for it instead of the crippled Windows search tool. I use it ALL THE TIME.. fantastic tool, well done, thank you!$20.00 USD
14 July 2020Found RegEx rename! Great tool! Thanks for a super utility.$10.00 USD
14 July 2020Brilliant tool - unbelievably quick.Thank you.$10.00 USD
13 July 2020Hi, Just Wanted to Donate some money to a developer who knows how to create great products and tools that save heaps of time and money.. cheers 0zzyeng $10.00 USD
12 July 2020Love it - I have used Everything for many years.$25.00 USD
12 July 2020Great tool and it makes my day easier for lost files or downloads.$10.00 USD
11 July 2020Loving this, great work!$20.00 USD
10 July 2020Quite simply, thank you!$50.00 USD
10 July 2020One of the most useful tools that I have installed on my windows machines. Using it since years and years ago. Thank you for the hard work$2.00 USD
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9 July 2020Find Everything is one of my very favorite utilities saving time and frustration using the almost useless windows search function!!!$10.00 USD
8 July 2020Extremely useful on its own, but absolutely live-saving now that the Windows search got absolutely annihilated in Windows 8.1 and onwards. I really wouldn't know what to do without Everything.$31.41 USD
7 July 2020A really great program. Thank you for keeping it up for free!$20.00 USD
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1 July 2020I cant live without it, I use it daily all the time. Now I open nearly every file just by finding it in Everything.$10.00 USD
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30 June 2020I have used "Everything" for about a year now and find it very helpful. Thank you for creating it and sharing it with others.$5.00 USD
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29 June 2020Still the best! Thank you.$20.00 USD
28 June 2020Fastest search engine on earth, keep going!!$20.00 USD
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25 June 2020Awesome software. keep up the good work. Such a tremendous time saver. Suggestions: A full dark mode, a toolbar with filter options. $10.00 USD
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23 June 2020Story of my life recently - Having problems with software I paid for, and find out someone made a solution for free..tyvm!$5.00 USD
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23 June 2020To understand how I feel about Everything SEARCH, read all of the comments below! This just may be the best Windows utility ever created. Thank you, David.$40.00 USD
20 June 2020Who can function without "Everything"? How do we get on your email list for notification if you someday develop another super-useful tool?$20.00 USD
20 June 2020Amazingly helpful. How did I live without it???$40.00 USD
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17 June 2020$30.00 USD
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16 June 2020Thank you for this great tool!$5.67 USD
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15 June 2020Thank you so much for this amazing search tool which has saved me many hours.$50.00 USD
14 June 2020I've emailed you in the past, but I'm emailing you again to say THANK YOU for creating this app. It really has no equal, and is unbelievably useful!!! I am happy to donate$20.00 USD
13 June 2020Thanks for everything.$5.00 USD
13 June 202030 years in, and Windows search remains in alpha form. Thank you thank you for making such a critical tool.$10.00 USD
12 June 2020I love this tool, finds files no matter where they hide.$10.00 USD
12 June 2020Still the best around!! Helps me a lot!! Great tool!! $20.00 USD
11 June 2020best finder, thank you :-)$5.00 USD
11 June 2020Wonderful utility that helps locate and recover 'lost' or forgotten files instantly. An essential tool for anyone with a large archive of documents and pictures with different versions.$25.00 USD
10 June 2020Keep up the good work. Best search tool for windows. Period$50.00 USD
10 June 2020Great Program! Heard about it on EAC mailing list. Puts W10 search to shame! Keep up the great work!$25.00 USD
9 June 2020Invaluable search tool, fast, SO helpful!$18.00 USD
9 June 2020$10.00 USD
8 June 2020Hi David, thank you so much for this excellent tool. It is the first thing I install on a new computer. I appreciate you making it free, but here is a bit to help you buy a bottle of wine on me.$25.00 USD
7 June 2020Thank you David Carpenter! $5.01 USD
7 June 2020Since finding this app I use it more and more. It's so fast and so relieble. I wish I could get it to scan cards. I wish I had an app that would search texts as well. How about it David Carpenter?$10.00 USD
6 June 2020Awesome tool and excellent support!$60.00 USD
6 June 2020Great tool, I use it all the time!$15.00 USD
6 June 2020I have used Ava Find from so many years, but it seems that i think my quest for search is over with this tool Thanks David.$1.00 USD
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5 June 2020Great product keep up the good work.$14.00 USD
4 June 2020Yours is one of the most useful and used programs I have. Thanks you for the great job and the help this is providing!$25.00 USD
4 June 2020Thank you for all the people to whom you have inevitably made it possible to use your powerful and effective program for free. You are a good person, whom I value very much. $13.31 USD
4 June 2020Thanks For The Program Love It. Now All My MP3 on my Server Want Have Doubles on it and I just saved 500GB of hard drive space the first time i used it. Thanks Again From Dj-Ric-Derr-C @ PRPdj.com$11.00 USD
4 June 2020Thank you for "Everything". It's a most useful program that helps out several times a day.$10.00 USD
3 June 2020Great work and so kind that you willingly share.$5.00 USD
3 June 2020Thank you!!!$25.00 USD
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2 June 2020Absolutely incredible piece of software this. Saved my arse multiple times, absolute go-to install on every computer of mine$10.00 USD
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1 June 2020Simple, fast, stable. I wish more software was like this.$10.00 USD
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