Gratitude and Leveraging Discussion

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Gratitude and Leveraging Discussion

Post by Jimbo » Sat Jun 11, 2016 3:41 pm


I found Everything about a year or so ago. Since then, it's done more to change the way I use my computer than anything else since the invention of GUI interfaces. I adore the fact that it helps me win back time which would otherwise be spent in utter frustration (ie. MS search query syntax, etc.) I doubly adore that the efficiency Everything makes possible allows me to get work done and shine, well ahead of my peers. Until I started using Everything, I had no idea just how much we all rely on finding our own stuff. So this all got me thinking...

What "life-process" alterations are made possible using Everything?

There must be a hundred or more people who read these forums from time to time, just like me, and some will have very unique takes on how to leverage Everything in order to get better at something.

So, what are those ideas?

I'm hoping that this thread could pursue discussion along those lines.

For instance, I combine another freeware program called "Bulk Rename Utility" and implement filename-based "tags" because the file and path character string limits in modern OS's give you so much latitude. So, when I import a few hundred photos, all with names like "IMG_4235.jpg", I spend a few minutes renaming them, beginning with the most general filename terms, and narrow down to the most particular, as time permits.

Then, later, when I'm looking for stuff on my SSD (thank God for SSD's - another time life-saver) Everything allows practically instant retrieval.

I haven't done it yet, but I'm considering storing all my files in a one-letter directory off the root drive, like "C:\p\<all files here and no directory nesting>"

Anyway, it would be nice if folks briefly explained ways they've leveraged Everything so we could all get our minds around other ways of reclaiming the very limited time our lives. It would also be efficient if prolonged and detailed discussion was forked onto a different discussion topic, leaving this thread as a more distilled "idea starting point."

Lastly, kudos to David for coming up with such a wonderful timesaving software tool. The ability to cut through a jungle of files to quickly get to the info which matters has propelled me forward at work, as well as reclaimed thousands of photos which may well have faded into the noise floor over time.

Thank you!!


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