Please Create Searches Within MetaData!!! I Beg You!

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Please Create Searches Within MetaData!!! I Beg You!

Post by HungerFreeze » Thu Mar 05, 2020 5:38 pm

Search Everything is the best search engine out there. I really believe that. It's so quick and easy to use. It makes finding the files I need a very simple task.

However, could the program gain the ability to search through metadata?

I know that this has been suggested before but and the developer's answer was that they are working on it and it might even come soon. I just wanted to leave a grateful message to the developer as well as a plea for an additional search feature.

I think the ability to search through the metadata would really propel this program to another level. It would make tags actually a useful feature on Windows 10. Right now, you can tag files but what does that do? You can use file explorer's finder but it stinks. You have to add "tag:" to the search which not only takes up time but also defeats the purpose of finding a file via a descriptive word within the title, tag, or comments.

I really want to be able to add tags to files and then actually use these tags to find files. Will this feature be possible in the near future?

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