Help to restore CHK files that only Everything can see

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Help to restore CHK files that only Everything can see

Post by henryblack » Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:26 am

I have Windows 7 home 64bit PC with a 480tb SSD, a 2tb SATA internal drive, and a 3tb USB3 drive.

Both the 2tb and 3tb drives have many video and music files and were getting filled up. I was doing some Autumn Cleaning and was moving files around, deleting copies and renaming folders. When I renamed a folder with 500gb of movies on the USB3 drive I ran into an error (probably due to long file / folder names). Windows 'lost' the files. It had been years since I had a drive error and looked for Windows tools to diagnose the error, an a chkdsk, and Windows converted the folder/files into chk files. Everything sees the files in the chk files but Explorer doesn't even see the chk files themselves.

I tried a few tools from Sourceforge and other places, but nothing seems to see the chk files. Windows Explorer properties on the drive shows that the drive is a 3tb drive (2.7tb) and only shows 2.2tb of space. Other files on the drive are accessible, it is only those that were converted to chk that went missing. I tried dragging and dropping

Does anyone know how I should proceed now? I have a new blank 4tb USB3 drive, and unplugged the 3tb USB3 drive until I could find a solution. Thanks!

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Re: Help to restore CHK files that only Everything can see

Post by NotNull » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:16 pm

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BTW: there are several utilities out there that can handle these CHK files. Maybe that's an option?

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Re: Help to restore CHK files that only Everything can see

Post by therube » Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:14 pm

Explorer doesn't even see the chk files themselves

You mean if you go to the location of a file that Everything see's as a "chk" file (ext:chk), that Windows Explorer does not see the file?
Are chk files "hidden" (have the hidden attribute set)?
If so, tell (brain dead) Explorer to show hidden files.

As far as "restoring", you mean putting on an expected file extension?

Why not use Everything for that?
In particular if you know, or expect, that particular chk files will be audio or video files.

Select the wanted ones, in Everything, & rename them all, as .mp3 or whatever might be appropriate.

Likewise, so long as you don't have a brain dead media player, you would expect a mis-named .mp3, that is actually a .m4a to simply open & play in your player. Or even if it were actually a movie, .mp4. Now having the wrong extension might not be optimal, but having a wrong extension should also not hinder playback.

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Re: Help to restore CHK files that only Everything can see

Post by void » Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:49 am

Everything shows files from the Master File Table (MFT), while Windows Explorer will show files from directory listings.

These two listings can be out of sync.
The chk files might be in the MFT and missing from the directory listings, which may indicate data loss on your device.

I would recommend trying to check the volume for errors, which will most likely find your orphaned files and re-add them as chk files.
However, if there is a hardware issue, checking the volume for errors may cause more issue than fixing them.
  • Please backup anything important on your drive before checking it for errors.
  • In Windows Explorer, right click your drive and click Properties.
  • Click the Tools tab.
  • Click Check now...
  • Click Start
  • If prompted to schedule a scan on the next restart, click Yes.

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