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"Everything" version

Posted: Tue May 07, 2013 8:35 am
by void
A new beta version can be found here


Portable version:


New features in the beta: Changes:
Tuesday, 7th May 2013: Version
  • fixed an issue with matching whole words
  • fixed a crash when requesting type information
  • added client service
  • fixed a crash when requesting admin privileges
  • fixed a crash when displaying corrupt icons
Minor changes:
  • fixed an issue with command line option -create-filelist showing debug information.
  • added a list of current key bindings when adding a shortcut key.
  • added ini option state_search_edit_move_caret_to_selection_end
What still needs to be done before the next official release:
  • Recent changes
  • Run History
  • First day of the week localization
  • Installer localization
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"Everything" version 1.3 FAQ

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"Everything" version 1.3 General Discussion