diacritic =? Umlaut: ö=oe; ß=ss; ä=ae; ü=ue

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diacritic =? Umlaut: ö=oe; ß=ss; ä=ae; ü=ue

Post by Marti-Every » Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:36 pm

I am german, please forgive my bad english :|
Umlaut =? mutated vowel

Am I right that diacritic = Umlaut: ö=oe; ä=ae; ü=ue; ß=ss :?:

When I search for "König", then "Koenig" should be searched at the same time (like: König | Koenig). :)
But with diacritic or without or with Regex the wished files are not found at the same time.
What option must I look for, or is it at the moment not possible to have look for files in this way ?

Are there other (german languaged) user, who have solved the problem?
Or want to have a search option like that :)

Greetings Marti

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