Feature Request: Date Indexed & Index Updated

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Feature Request: Date Indexed & Index Updated

Post by collinchaffin » Sun Jun 02, 2019 10:26 am

I have been an avid ES evangelist for years but there are a few features I recently found to not exist in ES but that I think (and hope others with agree) would be a valuable addition to the already impressive feature list.

This request is for the following:

Expose (and capture/index if not already) the date specific to ES that it acquired and stored whatever flags/info the user has selected in existing indexing options.
  • Index the date first added to ES db and last date updated
  • Add the ability to then add this attribute to the GUI display columns to quickly view the age of the index data
  • This would then also allow all standard ES searches/filters/bookmarks to both of these newly indexed values
So, since this may very well already be captured in the database now (?) the end goal example would be to open the ES GUI, right click the display columns, see two new entries in the potential display fields as "Index Created" and "Index Updated", allowing me to use the first to display when every single file displayed in queries was FIRST seen/added by ES to the index, and the latter quickly reveals the relative index age of how long it's been alive total in the database.

The second part of the example/test would be after enabling the two new display columns, to utilize the ES bar to query for all files added to the ES database before Jan01 of this year (ie.

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) or likewise the same added originally before Jan01 but then who's indexes were then last updated (seen) as of yesterday (ie.

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ic:<=01/01/2019 iu:>=06/01/2019

This would allow ES to do something I know it is fully capable of, but cannot do for me today since I use it to ALWAYS index certain NTFS data and I am continually adding/testing/removing apps/utils/code - become the perfect record keeper. Did I ever have that? When did I last have it? Ok, so I added it a year ago. When did I move/remove it from system XYZ? Ahh, ES says last seen/updated six months ago.....that's right, I deleted it because XYZ....or.....why did that suddenly disappear is that utility managing it misbehaving, etc.

Hope this description/detail helps and that you'll consider this for the future features of ES. Thanks!


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Re: Feature Request: Date Indexed & Index Updated

Post by void » Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:33 pm

Index Updated (IU) sounds similar to Recent Changes.

Recent changes is the date a file was changed in the Everything index.
This information is only kept while Everything is running.

To search with ES for recent changes, use the rc: search function option, for example, find files modified in the Everything index today:

I'll consider adding a "date indexed" property to track the date a file was indexed.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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