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Request: Ability manually edit exclusion list.

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 7:24 pm
by Janus
I would like the ability to manually add to/edit the index exclusion list.

The reason for this is so I can exclude drive letters I reserve for portable devices.
Currently I can not add a non existent drive letter, and I would like to be able to.
Currently I add devices and manipulate drive letters so I can select then exclude them, but it is a lot of work.
Everything occasionally loses the exclusion list of portable devices, and I have found no reason for it.

I suspect it is because customers supply me with portable devices that are properly partitioned, so windows does not tend to treat them as portable.
Sometimes it takes a week mess up the list, sometimes more than a month.

I have turned off automatically index new volumes, but it still does when the config glitches.
Not worried about the glitch so much as work it takes to fix it.


Re: Request: Ability manually edit exclusion list.

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 4:02 am
by void
To add a non-existent drive to your exclude list:
  • In Everything, from the Tools menu, click Options.
  • Click the Exclude tab on the left.
  • Click Add Filter....
  • Type in the drive to exclude, eg: J:\ and click OK.
  • Click OK.
Note: Everything will still index your J: volume if automatically include fixed/removable volumes is checked, it will just exclude all the files on J:.

Everything should not be losing your settings, please make sure Everything is able to load from and save to %APPDATA%\Everything.
Is this folder being redirected?

To manually edit the exclude list:
  • Completely exit Everything (right click the Everything system tray icon and click Exit)
  • Open your %APPDATA%\Everything\Everything.ini
  • Change the following line:
    where J:\ and K:\ are the drives you wish to exclude.
  • Save changes and restart Everything.
The next time Everything loses its settings, could you please send me your %APPDATA%\Everything\Everything.ini to (make sure you don't close an Everything search window before sending)