Ability to add additional context menu commands

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Ability to add additional context menu commands

Post by Jebby » Sat May 06, 2017 2:39 am

Just installed the latest beta and all I have to say is what a masterpiece that just keeps getting better. Your software has created a serious problem for me in that moving to a linux desktop is extremely painful without having this utility. I simply can not use a computer effectively without Everything Search, no BS. I use pretty much every feature Everything has to offer and refuse to stop. :mrgreen:

I have it running perfectly fine under Wine using watched folders to keep local linux filesystem indexed and using a daily updated filelist of a 30TB NAS. I also altered the editable Context Menu items to launch a script which in turn launches the appropriate linux app. All works great. I would like to know if its possible to add some functionality to add custom entries to the Context Menu item list within Everything Search. I would be able to squeeze a crazy amount of usability out of it on Linux and even pull some tricks on Windows with that addition.

Adding that ability I could essentially recreate all the shell extensions I use in windows/linux but launch scripted linux counterparts instead,
add a custom Copy Path to Clipboard that I could convert to native linux path for pasting in native programs, etc. Wine unfortunately is severely lacking in ability to add system wide context shell extensions.

The only other icing on the cake I could think of is ability to have context menu items able to be inside submenus, so I could have ie a GIT context folder, and items within it to keep the popup from getting unwieldy. Add a display rule for on folder, file, both, and extension filter would complete my fantasy feature :D

Something like...

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custom_menu_command1=$exec(cmd,/c,start,/unix,launchwithlinux.bat "%1")
A man can dream right?

Thanks for your time David.

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Re: Ability to add additional context menu commands

Post by void » Sat May 06, 2017 3:57 am

Thanks for your feedback, glad to hear you find Everything useful!

Customizable context menus is on my TODO list.

The submenus using \ should be easy enough to do, Everything is already using something similar (menu_folders) for filters and bookmarks, added to my TODO list.
The rules idea is good, so the context menu only shows for files matching the specified filter, added to my TODO list.

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