"Group By"

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"Group By"

Post by chrism4x » Sat Jun 19, 2021 5:17 am

Love the simplicity and speed of this great tool. I just don't know where I would be without it!

One thing I was wondering - we can sort by things (such as date), but can we get "Group by" as well? It would be nice to have a small separator between the different elements in a sort.

Fingers crossed.


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Re: "Group By"

Post by void » Sat Jun 19, 2021 5:18 am

Thank you for your feedback chrism4x,

Currently, no.

Everything doesn't use groups.

I will consider adding groups to Everything.
Thank you for the suggestion.

For now, please try limiting your results with a dm: search:


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Re: "Group By"

Post by NewBe » Thu Jul 01, 2021 9:53 am

+1 for Group By
please see if possible to add, GroupBy Folders,
like.. search: .mkv and then, Group By Their Folder Locations

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