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Everything finds stuff that is not there despite reinstall

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 4:35 am
by VenusAndMars
Using 'everything' almost from the get-go I have come to rely heavily on it, and it's among the first I reinstall following an OS reinstallation. It’s a wonderful piece of software for the forgetful - with a tiny footprint resourcewise and lightning fast to boot.

But It sometimes finds, and present as search results, long-deleted files. What moved me to write this post is I was looking for an mp3 (legally ripped of my own CD, don't you know;) Everything found it but when I dragged-and-dropped it on my player it didn' t play...:o A 'manual' look in my mp3 folder supposedly containing said file didn’t find it either, surprise surprise.

I reinstalled 'Everything' just two weeks ago whereas the file it 'found' has been removed from the folder for months, but does exist in a copy of that folder on an external drive. This copy 'Everything' found which is fine, but why did it find it in the original place where It demonstrably does not exist as of months?

Any Ideas why this happened? Thanks :)

PS: I have also often wished for an on-the-fly 'Rescan/Reindex Drives' option under Options w/o having to restart the program/reboot to have it performed.

Re: Everything finds stuff that is not there despite reinsta

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 7:02 am
by void
This might be an issue with the Everything NTFS monitors.
If the file shows up after a rebuild there could be an issue with the integrity of your NTFS volume.

Does Everything find this file after rebuilding a fresh index?

To rebuild the Everything index:
  • Exit Everything (From the Tray Icon -> Exit)
  • Delete your Everything.db file
  • Restart Everything.
I assume you have re-indexed.
Does scanning your volume for errors find problems?

To scan your volumes for errors:
  • Right click the drive
  • Click Properties
  • Click the Tools tab
  • Click Check Now...
If the problem persists, please send some debug output when opening the mp3 file.

Re-indexing option is available from Tools -> Indexes with the latest beta.

Re: Everything finds stuff that is not there despite reinsta

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 7:48 am
by VenusAndMars
Thx void.