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SDK functions to alter the index

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:41 pm
by hicla
We have an external NAS that publishes a couple of SMB shares through the network.
We'd love to use Everything to quickly find files, but whenever a large quantity of files gets moved/deleted, Everything misses most of these changes (the "rescan on full buffer" option isn't practical in our case, since it takes several hours for the scan to complete).

Would it be possible to add some functions to the Everything SDK to allow us to modify the index?

We would then write an app that monitors the samba log on the NAS, and sends Everything what has changed in near realtime.
The events exposed by the samba log are: folder deleted, folder created, file deleted, file written, file/folder moved (or renamed).

Re: SDK functions to alter the index

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:51 am
by void
Right now, the only way to do this is would be to generate a file list.

I will be looking into support for plugins in Everything 1.5 for indexing.

Re: SDK functions to alter the index

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 3:33 pm
by hicla
thanks for pointing me to the file list feature: I've built a small program that crawls the NAS, listens to samba events to keep its index up to date, and every 30 minutes or on demand writes to disk an Everything file list. Everything monitors that file, and when it notices a change freezes for a couple of minutes while it reloads and re-sorts it, and then we can run queries again with a fresher index
Not perfect, but it will keep us going until indexing plugins are available
thank you