Please check Supported languages for a list of supported translations.

Download the English translation template from Template.zip

Unzip the template to an empty folder.

Open the file Template.txt with notepad.

Translate each string in the template to the new language.


Each string will appear on a single line and has the following syntax:

key = "value"

For example: the string in the English translation template:

LOADING_DATABASE = "Loading database..."

For example: Translating the LOADING_DATABASE string to Italian:

LOADING_DATABASE = "Caricamento della base dati..."


// Start a line comment (the rest of the line is ignored)

; Start a line comment (the rest of the line is ignored)

Comments are ignored by the language compiler.

Escaping charactors

\nnew line
\rline return
\"escape a double quote (")
\\a single back-slash (\)


%s and %d must be in the same order as they appear in the English translation template.

place a & in front of the letter for the menu key.

This only apples to strings in the English translation template that have a &


Please save the template as UTF-8


I will notify you by email when translations require updating.

An up to date English translation template is always available from Template.zip

New and changed translation strings are added to the end of the template.

If you have an existing translation you will need to add the updated translations from Template.zip to the end of your translation template.

Your translation is compatible with previous and future versions of Everything.

Strings that have not yet been translated will appear in English.


Some strings may change vary between Everything versions. Usually help information is expanded upon or alt shortcut keys added.

Please check the Changes.txt in the Template.zip file for a list of changes that may need updating in your existing translation template.txt.

Language compiler

Please download the language pack compiler if you would like to test your translation with "Everything".

An up to date language pack compiler is always available from makelng.zip


  • Download the language pack compiler and extract to an empty folder.

  • Copy your translation template to this folder.

  • Run the compiler.

  • Exit "Everything".

  • Copy the generated Everything.lng to your "Everything" installation folder.

  • Restart "Everything".

  • Select the correct language in "Everything"

Note: makelng.exe compiles *.txt .


Ignore warnings for duplicated definitions.

The last definition will be used for duplicates.

You can optionally remove the first references of the duplicates to remove these warnings.

Warnings for undefined strings should be fixed.

Warnings for empty strings should be fixed.


Please add your name to the credit list for your translation.

Your name will be added to the English translation template to be updated for the next release of "Everything".

Your name will also be included on the website.

You can optionally have your name linked to an email address or website.

Help & Support

Please contact David Carpenter for assistance.

Everything 1.4 Changes

Please check the latest English translation template from Template.zip for a list of changes to strings from Everything 1.3. These strings should be updated in your translation template.


To translate the voidtools website, please see makevoidtools.


Thanks to those that have translated "Everything".

Thank you for supporting "Everything"!

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