Keyboard Shortcuts

A list of all the default keyboard shortcuts for Everything and how to customize them.

Search edit shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts that can be used when the search edit has focus.

Shortcut keyAction
Ctrl + ASelect all text.
Ctrl + BackspaceDelete previous word.
Ctrl + SpaceComplete search. Requires search history to be enabled.
EnterFocus result list and select the item with the highest run count.
Up Arrow
Down Arrow
Focus result list.
Alt + Up Arrow
Alt + Down Arrow
Show search history.
Double ClickSelect word
Triple ClickSelect all

Result list shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts that can be used when the result list has focus.

Shortcut keyAction
F2Rename the focused item.
DeleteMove selected items to the recycle bin.
Shift + DeletePermanently delete selected items.
Left ArrowScroll left.
Right ArrowScroll right.
Ctrl + Left ArrowScroll left one page.
Ctrl + Right ArrowScroll right one page.
EnterOpen the selected items.
Ctrl + EnterOpen the path of the selected item.
Alt + EnterDisplay properties of the selected items.
Ctrl + +auto adjust column widths.
Up Arrow
Down Arrow
Page Up
Page Down
Navigate item focus and selection.
Shift + Up Arrow
Shift + Down Arrow
Shift + Page Up
Shift + Page Down
Shift + Home
Shift + End
Extend item selection.
Ctrl + Up Arrow
Ctrl + Down Arrow
Ctrl + Page Up
Ctrl + Page Down
Ctrl + Home
Ctrl + End
Navigate item focus.
Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow
Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow
Ctrl + Shift + Page Up
Ctrl + Shift + Page Down
Ctrl + Shift + Home
Ctrl + Shift + End
Extend item selection, keeping the current selection.
SpaceSelect focus.
Ctrl + SpaceToggle item selection.
EscapeCancel any current actions.
Ctrl + ASelected all items.
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + Insert
Copy selected items.
Ctrl + ERead the file size, date and attributes of the current selection. May be useful before exporting all sizes, dates and attributes.
Ctrl + V
Shift + Insert
Paste items from the clipboard into the selected folder.
Ctrl + XCut selected items.
Ctrl + Shift + CCopy the full path and name of the current selection to the clipboard.
Shift + F10Display item context menu for the current selection. Displays the result list context menu if no selection.
Any characterAdds a character to the jump to text.
BackspaceRemove the last character in the jump to text.

Global keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts that can be used when an Everything search window has focus.

Shortcut keyAction
Ctrl + W
Close the Everything window.
F1Show the Everything help.
Ctrl + F
Alt + D
Focus and highlight the search edit.
F5Reload icons, file sizes, dates and attributes.
F11Toggle fullscreen.
Ctrl + Tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Cycle between open windows.
Shift + Tab
Cycle between search edit and results view.
EscapeClose the current window.
Alt + 1Resize the window to 512 x 398.
Alt + 2Resize the window to 640 x 497.
Alt + 3Resize the window to 768 x 597.
Alt + 4Auto size the window.
Alt + PToggle the preview pane.
Ctrl + Shift + 1Toggle extra large thumbnails.
Ctrl + Shift + 2Toggle large thumbnails.
Ctrl + Shift + 3Toggle medium thumbnails.
Ctrl + Shift + 6Toggle detail view.
Ctrl + Alt + +Increase thumbnail size.
Ctrl + Alt + -Decrease thumbnail size.
Ctrl + `Toggle debug console.
Ctrl + F1Show About Everything.
Ctrl + 1Sort by name.
Ctrl + 2Sort by path.
Ctrl + 3Sort by size.
Ctrl + 4Sort by extension.
Ctrl + 5Sort by type.
Ctrl + 6Sort by date modified.
Ctrl + 7Sort by date created.
Ctrl + 8Sort by attributes.
Ctrl + 9Sort by date recently changed.
Ctrl + BToggle match whole word.
Ctrl + DBookmark the current search.
Ctrl + IToggle match case.
Ctrl + MToggle match diacritics.
Ctrl + NOpen a new search window.
Ctrl + OOpen an Everything file list.
Ctrl + PShow the Options window.
Ctrl + QExit Everything.
Ctrl + RToggle Regex.
Ctrl + SExport the current results to an Everything file list, csv or txt file.
Ctrl + TToggle always on top.
Ctrl + UToggle match path.
Ctrl + +Increase text size.
Ctrl + -Decrease text size.
Ctrl + 0Reset text size to Normal.
Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up
Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Down
Change view.
Alt + HomeGo to the home search.
Alt + Left Arrow
Mouse back button
Go back to the previous search.
Alt + Right Arrow
Mouse forward button
Go forward to the next search.
Ctrl + Shift + FOrganize filters.
Ctrl + Shift + BOrganize bookmarks.
Ctrl + H
Ctrl + Shift + H
Show all search history.


The Everything search window can be shown by pressing a hotkey.

Hotkeys can be used anywhere in Windows.

There are three different methods for opening the Everything window with a hotkey:

New windowAlways show a new Everything search window.
Show windowShow the Everything search window if one exists, otherwise create a new Everything search window.
Toggle windowHide the Everything search window if it is currently in the foreground, otherwise show the Everything search window if one exists, otherwise create a new Everything search window.

To define a Hotkey to open Everything:

  • In Everything, from the Tools menu, click Options.

  • Click the Keyboard tab.

  • Choose a hotkey method.

  • Press a new key combination.

  • Click OK.

Note: Everything must be running in the background for hotkeys to work.

Note: You can not override any existing hotkey.

To disable a Windows hotkey, such as Win + F:

  • From the Start menu, open regedit

  • In the Registry Editor, navigate to:

  • Create a new String Value called DisabledHotkeys

  • Set the DisabledHotkeys data to the letter you would like freed, for example: F

  • Restart your computer

  • Apply the (now free) hotkey Win + F in Everything.


To customize keyboard shortcuts:

  • In Everything, from the Tools menu, click Options.

  • Click the Keyboard tab.

  • Use Show commands containing: to search for a command

  • Click Add... to add a new keyboard shortcut or click Edit... to edit an existing one.

  • Select a location to use the shortcut in:

    GlobalThe shortcut will work anywhere in the Everything search window.
    Search EditThe shortcut will only work when pressed in the search edit.
    Result ListThe shortcut will only work when pressed in the result list.
  • Press a new keyboard shortcut for shortcut key.

  • Check shortcut key currently used by, this existing shortcut (if any) will be removed if you click OK.

  • Click OK.

  • Click OK.

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