Installing Everything

Everything can be installed or run as a portable executable.

The installer and portable version of Everything can be found on the downloads page.

What version of Everything should I download?

InstallerThe installer version will guide the user through the installation of Everything (recommended). The installed Everything.exe is the same as the portable Everything.exe.
PortableThe user must extract the Everything.exe to the desired location. No changes to the system are made. Most of the options in the installer are available in the portable version in the Everything Options.
x86Only x86 context menu extensions will work in Everything. This version will work on both x86 and x64 versions of Windows.
x64The x64 version requires a 64bit x64 OS. Supports databases larger than 2GB. Only x64 context menu extensions will work in Everything. The x64 version will use more memory than the x86 version.
English (US)Only English is available for this version, the language pack can be installed manually.
MultilingualIncludes the Everything language pack for multiple language support.
LiteThis light version does not contain ETP/FTP/HTTP servers and does not allow IPC.

Language selection

Everything Installer Language

Choose the language of the installer. This language will also be used in Everything.

See Supported Languages for a list of supported languages.

License Agreement

Everything Installer License Agreement

You must accept the agreement to install Everything.

You can find a copy of the license here.

Install Location

Everything Installer Install Location

Choose the installation location of Everything.

By default Everything is installed to:

C:\Program Files\Everything

or if you install the x86 version of "Everything" on a x64 OS:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Everything

Location for data and settings

Everything Installer Install Options 1

Choose a location to store data and settings.

%APPDATA%\Everything is recommended.

This setting can be changed in the Everything options at anytime.

Indexing NTFS volumes

Choose a method for indexing NTFS volumes

Install Everything serviceInstall the Everything service which will do all the low level volume reading required for NTFS indexing. The service runs with the necessary privileges so the Everything client can run as a standard user account.
Run as administratorRun Everything with administrative privileges.
No NTFS indexingEverything will not attempt to index NTFS volumes.

This setting can be changed in the Everything options at anytime.

Install Options

Everything Installer Install Options 2

Check for updatesEnabling this setting will make Everything check www.voidtools.com for updates when you run Everything.
Start Everything on system startupRun Everything when Windows starts. This will load the Everything database into memory and create the Everything tray icon.
Install folder context menusEnabling this will show the context menu item "Search Everything..." when you right click a folder in Windows. Clicking on this context menu item will show the Everything window with the search set to the selected folder.
Install start menu items.Creates the Search Everything and Uninstall Everything shortcuts in the Start menu.
Install Desktop shortcutCreates the Search Everything shortcut on the Desktop.
Install Quick launch shortcutCreates the Search Everything shortcut in the Quick launch toolbar.
ES URL ProtocolOpen Everything from es: urls.
Associate EFU files with EverythingAssociate Everything file lists (EFU files) with Everything.
Automatically index fixed NTFS volumesIf enabled Everything will automatically add all NTFS volumes to the index. Disable to manually setup which volumes are included.

These settings can be changed in the Everything options at anytime.


Everything Installer UAC

Everything installation requires administrative privileges.

Click Yes to continue installation with administrative privileges.


Everything Installer Finish

The installation of Everything is complete. Click Finish to launch Everything.

When Everything launches it will begin creating the initial index which will take a few seconds.

For a basic guide on using Everything, please see Using Everything.


OS is not x64
Install anyway?
This error is displayed when attempting to install the x64 version of Everything on a 32bit OS. Please make sure you have the correct x86 or x64 version of Everything for your OS (See What version of Everything should I download?).
Failed to execute admin commandThe installer failed to run Everything as an administrator to make changes to the system. Please make sure Everything can run with elevated privileges.
Failed to execute user commandThe installer failed to run Everything to install the options for the current user. This could be due to anti-virus software. Please make sure the installer can execute Everything from the temp directory.

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