The Everything ETP/FTP server allows you to search and access your files from an Everything client or FTP client.

Start an ETP/FTP server

To start an ETP/FTP server:

  • On the computer whose files you wish to share, In "Everything", from the Tools menu, click Options.

  • Click the ETP/FTP tab.

  • Check Enable ETP/FTP server.

  • Click OK.

Please make sure you share each drive on your server as its drive letter.

For example, share C: drive as: C

This will be customizable in a future release of "Everything".

Connect to an ETP server

To connect to an ETP server:

  • In "Everything", from the Tools menu, click connect to ETP server....

  • Type in the server name or IP for the host.

  • Click OK.

There are four link types that change the way the Everything client accesses files on the ETP server.

When connecting to an ETP server you can specify the link type.

Link typeDescription
C:No change, the paths are the same as they are on the server. This is useful if you index a subst'ed drive on the server and are using mapped network drives on the client.
\\Server\CUse Windows shares (this is the default link type). By default these shares do not exist, you will need to create them on the server if you wish to use this method.
\\Server\C$Use the default admin drive shares.
ftp://host/C:Use ftp links.

Username and password

To change the ETP/FTP server username and password:

  • In "Everything", from the Tools menu, click Options.

  • Click the ETP/FTP Server tab.

  • Type in a new username and password.

  • Click OK.

Disable file downloading

To disable ETP/FTP file downloading:

  • In "Everything", from the Tools menu, click Options.

  • Click the ETP/FTP Server tab.

  • Uncheck Allow file download.

  • Click OK

Different indexes

To index different NTFS volumes for the ETP server, see Multiple Instances.

Create a Windows share

Everything works best if you share each drive as a single letter, for example, share your C: drive as C, D: drive as D and so on.

To create a windows share for a single folder, please follow the guide below:

For example, we want to host an ETP/FTP server for one folder:


Substitute a drive letter for the local folder c:\share:

  • From a command prompt, run:

    subst H: c:\share

Setup an index to include only the H: drive.

  • In "Everything", from the Tools menu, click Options.

  • Click the NTFS tab.

  • Uncheck Include in database for all volumes, except the H: drive.

  • Click OK.

Add a share name to c:\share

  • In Explorer, right click the c:\share and click properties.

  • Click the Sharing tab.

  • Click Advanced Sharing....

  • Click Add.

  • Type in H for the share name.

  • Click OK.

  • Click OK.

  • Click Close.

Connect to the ETP/FTP server with \\Server\C links.


Every file and folder indexed by Everything can be searched and downloaded via the ETP server.

To disable file downloading:

  • In Everything, from the Tools menu, click Options.

  • Click the ETP Server tab.

  • Uncheck allow file download.

See Disable ETP/FTP Server to remove the ETP server options and prevent the ETP server from starting.

Disable ETP/FTP Server

To disable the ETP/FTP server:

  • Exit Everything (right click the Everything system tray icon and click Exit)

  • Open your Everything.ini in the same location as your Everything.exe

  • Change the following line:



  • Save changes and restart Everything.

ETP Client path rewriting

ETP clients can rewrite the ETP server paths so they can be accessed from different shares.

For example, rewrite the path D:\music to \\server\music and "D:\Install Files" to "\\server\Install Files"

To rewrite the paths on the ETP client.

  • On the Everything ETP client PC:

  • Completely exit Everything (Right click the Everything system tray icon and click Exit)

  • Open your %APPDATA%\Everything\Everything.ini

  • Change the following lines:




    etp_client_rewrite_patterns=D:\music;"D:\\Install Files"

    etp_client_rewrite_substitutions=\\server\music;"\\\\server\\Install Files"

  • Save changes and restart Everything.

The pattern must match the path on the server. It is not effected by the link type.

Trouble Shooting

Unable to start ETP server: bind failed 10048

Please make sure no FTP servers are already running on port 21 or use a different ETP server port.

To change the ETP server port:

  • In "Everything", from the Tools menu, click Options.

  • Click the ETP/FTP Server tab.

  • Change the port to: 2121

  • Click OK.

Please match the same port number when connecting to the ETP server.

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