[Feature request] Support for tabs/content specific attributes

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[Feature request] Support for tabs/content specific attributes

Post by ocz » Mon Nov 23, 2020 8:50 am

1) Support for tabs

A tabbed interface would have been great in a case where you can isolate searches within volumes/drives to tabs. To achieve this you either have to run multiple instances or go to tools>options>indexes>ntfs to select/deselect volumes for now. Sorting by "path" attribute is also an option however it doesn't isolate searches to specific volume. If there is a way to achieve this with wildcards, please do let me know. :) TIA

English isn't my first language, hopefully the above explanation was clear. In case if it wasn't, here's my 3-minute mock-up of tabbed interface I'd like to see in future builds with option to isolate searches to volumes in tabs.


2) Content specific attributes

Basically to dynamically(or manually) change attributes you see on the top-bar based on the filter you select. For ex:

-Audio (name+size+date+artist+album+genre+bitrate etc.)
-Video (name+size+date+resolution+length+bitrate+fps etc.)
-Picture (name+size+date+dimensions+height+width+bit depth etc.)
-Document (name+size+date+author+pages etc.)

Being able to select content specific attributes (in tabs?) and to sort by them would be killer! I don't know if there's a technical limitation to achieve this however I am able to use windows search, even with indexing fully-disabled to filter results in such way.


I think these 2 features will make Everything one step close to fully-featured file explorer, which is a good thing! With most modern computers shipping with fast ssds, multi-core cpus and tons of ram, the app performance and resource utilization wouldn't hopefully be affected much.

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Re: [Feature request] Support for tabs/content specific attributes

Post by horst.epp » Mon Nov 23, 2020 12:47 pm

Why should Everything be a full file manager ?
There are enough file managers available and in Total Commander for example
you can even use all Everything features for searching.
There are enough Everything to-do items in the area of search enhancements.
Anything else is just wasting time of programming resources.

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Re: [Feature request] Support for tabs/content specific attributes

Post by NotNull » Mon Nov 23, 2020 3:47 pm

2) Content specific attributes
.. are on the to-do list.

A tabbed interface was also suggested before, but I don't know if it ended up on the to-do list.
But ....
You can create your own tabbed interface for Everything (sort of)

Use an application like TidyTabs or TaskSpace (no longer in development since a couple of years, but still works) and you can virtually run any application in a tabbed interface (I used in the past to group together task/project related applications)

BTW: ConEmu - a console host appllication that can also be (ab)used to run *some* applications in tabs - doesn't work with Everything.

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Re: [Feature request] Support for tabs/content specific attributes

Post by raccoon » Thu Nov 26, 2020 3:44 am

How about a "bookmarks toolbar" instead? Basically same idea as tabs, just without scroll or selection state retention.

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