What do you like about Everything? What do you fear might get lost?

Have a suggestion for "Everything"? Please post it here.
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What do you like about Everything? What do you fear might get lost?

Post by okaso » Wed Oct 03, 2018 1:45 am

Really I just wanted to say I love how simple or succinct the program is. Just like its awesome icon.

but then the below questions and considerations welled up for me while writing the post subject:
(excuse me if this might be absurd and even inappropriate, like to you David, but also coming from a newcomer here)..


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1) Do people here, on all 'sides of the issue', have thoughts or concerns about the integrity of what Everything is, was, and/or will be? [in relation to Suggestions]
2) Has anyone gone through a period where, subjectively, Everything became less useful (and why) but then kind of regained its place in your usage scenarios (how)?
3) What do you like, as is, and what are the limits, of growth and options and use scenarios, as each person sees them?
4) What multi-purpose uses does Everything provide for you? (eg duplicate cleaning, file manager, launcher, file organizer; or redefines/obviates these categories) [might be covered elsewhere in forum]
5) Is there any correlation to people's experience with other software?

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- my mind veered into how hard it might be to navigate and manage Everything's dev while maintaining or maybe relinquishing its origins, given so much wonderful interest, eager and smart input, ideas etc shared in this forum. I keep seeing this in certain software forums and it's kind of mind blowing, and that wonder must be intensely double-edged for the creators. 

- Suggestions, as a discussion. as a meta-commentary on, ..the power of software suggestion and feature requests. Didn't see a place where people talked about this in a broad sense, so...could be interesting? Too broad to be useful? 

- the dynamics/realities of give and take, of compromise, as a program 'blossoms'. idk, maybe it's a frivolous question. It's a topic about enduser usage scenarios too, and might branch into repercussions on Everything in the wake of forced evolutions due to evolving OS and security issues.
Examples (programs that have grown wildly and are: still great to use; no longer so great; bounced back) -very subjective, of course:
True Launch Bar has grown wildly, has a kind of difficult/awkaward settings GUI, and remains awesome anyway, to me.
FreeCommanderXE, well, it's a file explorer, so...but it seems amazingly stable relative to how flexible it is.
Foobar - Others will know more and better. Is it an example of stable and flexible, but also of having chosen to hold to its roots and not get crazy with options etc? [helps that there's a user addon component].
Duplicate Cleaner - For me, used to be great and now it no longer provides me with perspective and clarity when choosing what to delete or etc. Actually, maybe i just don't like the changes to the outer shell, the GUI.

(yeah, i'm not really contributing anything but vagueries to my own topic. sorry about that :lol: )

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Re: What do you like about Everything? What do you fear might get lost?

Post by therube » Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:15 pm


Is this some sort of school assignment?
One man rules the roost & his word is law. Are we to say otherwise.
Everything's main failing is it is hard to use - when I'm not using my computer.
Usage, well that is obvious, Everything.



Duplicate Cleaner, while I do consider it "awkward" due to its... oh, what, programing reliance on .NET, is still one of the two best duplicate cleaners out there.

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Re: What do you like about Everything? What do you fear might get lost?

Post by NotNull » Wed Oct 03, 2018 2:41 pm

Part 1.
okaso wrote:Really I just wanted to say I love how simple or succinct the program is.
That might be a great insult or the biggest compliment for Everything('s developer).
Let me explain..

In my opinion, Everything is a bit like a Rubik's cube: looking from a distances it's just an ordinary cube with 6 coloured sides. Coming closer, you'll notice that these sides consist of little cubes and upon further inspection these little cubes all work together and you can twist, turn and combine these little cubes to create whatever you want.

Everything is the same: very basic on the outside, very powerful and ingenious on the inside. One of the few programs where a "deep-dive" is very rewarding.

To create a program that upon first sight looks like something simple and straightforward is *very* hard to accomplish. That David succeeded in that - without stripping the "power options" - is worth a big compliment!

On the other hand that means "growing" the program is a little harder: you can't just "glue" extra mini-cubes to the existing big cube without getting an irregularly shaped object and thus losing the original simplicity (this is getting vague; I hope you can still follow the train of thoughts..).

That there are so many suggestions on the Everything forum is yet another compliment: people have faith in Everything. It does good things and people want to do it even more good things. (Everyone wants to be on the winning team ..)

Not all of these suggestions can be implemented. That would take about 9 years of work! (the back-of-an-envelope calculations of that are somewhere else on this forum)
So it will be a "kill your darlings" process.
But if someone is -proven- capable of creating a new, bigger, perfectly shaped cube out of all the remaining suggestions, my bet is on David!

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Re: What do you like about Everything? What do you fear might get lost?

Post by okaso » Fri Oct 19, 2018 12:28 am

Those are great replies! Seriously. Thank you both! And yeah, um what's the square root of .. :oops: -but i certainly didn't mean to imply or implant some kind of usurping or co-opting of David's gem, brainchild, or roost. I sincerely enjoy and respect and appreciate the probably very little of everything that Everything does for me and facilitates for me (yikes, no, i mean, 'probably very little of all it COULD do for me were i more of a power user').

@NotNull - i was fearing that, too, wanting to embrace the word 'simple' for its full universe of positive connotations, not to the exclusion of any of your eloquent..subtext..or disenvelopment of its grace.

@therube - it was like homework, you're close, tax dollars at work. i'm a staffer for senator X on the judiciary committee and was asked to start meaningless investigation of someone being given a ton of power.

What can i say, i've been sick with the flu, had nothing better to do that day, and allowed myself to meander past my limited understanding of things :mrgreen:

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