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Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 6:34 am
by void

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Wednesday, 7 June 2017: Version
  • added option to index size, dates and attributes
  • added option to enable fast sorting of size, dates, attributes, path and extension
  • added thumbnail view
  • added preview pane
  • added REFS support
  • added advanced searching
  • added multi-file renaming
  • added content searching
  • added search history organizer
  • added show total size in status bar option
  • added single click open option
  • added full row select option
  • added perl compatible regex
  • added new search functions
  • added / search commands
  • added filter functions
  • added new Everything icon
  • improved folder deletion performance
  • improved indexing when using file and folder excludes
  • improved search term highlighting
  • improved database blocking
  • improved indexes updating
  • improved folder index monitoring
  • improved NTFS indexing
  • improved re-indexing performance when the existing indexes are up to date
  • improved IPC
  • fixed an issue causing Everything to hang onto a volume handle when trying to safely remove a device
  • fixed an issue with excludes being ignored when rebuilding the indexes
  • fixed a crash when renaming a folder that had subfolders that should be excluded
  • fixed an issue with sorting by date created ascending and date accessed ascending
  • fixed a crash when accessing file information cache
  • fixed an issue with ETP url links and special characters
  • fixed a focus issue with UAC prompts
  • fixed an issue when opening a file as admin
  • fixed a lock in the Everything service
  • fixed an issue with a race condition and initializing COM
  • fixed a hang when deleting a registry key
  • fixed an issue with very large sorts
  • fixed an issue with !parent:, !child: and !c:\path
  • fixed an issue with filter modifiers
  • fixed an issue with file:!
  • fixed an issue with indexing hidden or system folders/files
  • fixed an issue with previous navigation searches
  • fixed an issue when searching for a \path\
  • fixed a crash when cutting an item multiple times
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