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"Everything" version

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Finally, a new beta version of everything...

A new beta version can be found here


Portable version:

Brief list of changes:
  • added filelists
  • added folder indexing
  • added auto window sizing
  • added optional diacritical mark matching
  • added bookmarks
  • added EFU association
  • added es: url protocol
  • added new search functions and macros
  • removed etp/ftp
  • removed http
  • removed custom filters
  • improved performance of many search functions
  • fixed many bugs
Everything is still intended for administrative use, but there is now some functionality when run without administrative privileges.

You will need to use folder indexing when running Everything without administrative privileges, which is a little slower than ntfs indexing and real time monitoring is not as reliable as ntfs monitoring.

Filelists are recommend for static file systems, ie: a CD-Rom or DVD-Rom.

ETP/FTP/HTTP servers were removed due to time constraints.
They may be added as an addon at a later date.

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