"Exclude Folder" filter object getting converted to folder object

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"Exclude Folder" filter object getting converted to folder object

Post by Coldblackice » Fri Nov 20, 2020 3:55 am

When using the "Exclude Folder" function, I use filter-objects most of the time since I have a number of repeated cache folders across a various number of browsers and browser profiles. When adding a filter, afterwards you can go back and click "Edit", and it'll still show you the edit-filter dialog. However, if you add a backslash anywhere in the filter, it gets irreversibly converted to a "Folder" object, no longer able to treat or edit it as a filter.

Could this be fixed (or changed)? Or at least allow the option to continue treating it as a filter object instead of converting it to a folder?

It may even be useful if there was just a single object + dialog that accepts both filter syntax or static paths. And then a "Browse" option button on the side of the dialog.

On a side note, as for the current "Browse" dialog, setting aside the above fix/request, could the browse function be switched to use the "full" WinAPI browse-folder function of Windows? I personally hate the limited-browse API where it makes you have to manually expando your way through nested folder trees to get where you want. It's a relic of Windows that I don't know why they keep around. I realize you can directly type into the textbox your path, but it'd be better if it merely used the full browse API function altogether.

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Re: "Exclude Folder" filter object getting converted to folder object

Post by void » Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:29 am

Everything will treat an exclude folder as a filter if the path:
  • Contains a wildcard (* or ?)
  • Does not contain a \ or /
I will look at making the following changes:
Treat exclude folders as filters if they do not start with a root (eg: D: or \\server\share)
Allow the user to hold Shift to force Everything to edit the path as a filter.
Use the newer browse for folder dialog.

Thanks for the bug report and suggestions.

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