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Can't find files because Everything is "Scanning" forever

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:31 pm
by cadill
Every time I start Everything, I'm not able to search because the status at the bottom is stuck on "Scanning..."

Sometimes it's scanning a local NTFS drive, sometimes it's scanning a network folder. I have a few network folders added, but "Monitor Changes" is UNCHECKED for all of them.

I have tried typing "/folder_update_rescan_asap=0" into the search to turn off ASAP scanning. I've also tried the "/monitor_pause" search, just in case, even though I'm not using monitor changes for any folders, only for local NTFS drives.

I've tried rebooting, I've tried reinstalling.

What I want is local drives to be monitored, and for network drives to be indexed just once a day (overnight) and then those indexes to be left alone during the day so I can just use Everything for search with no scanning.

How can I accomplish that goal and get rid of the eternal "Scanning..." ?

Re: Can't find files because Everything is "Scanning" forever

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:57 pm
by void
Thanks for the bug report.

The "scanning" status should only occur once.
Folders are updated in the background.

Please make sure Everything is saving your database to disk successfully:
  • In Everything, from the Tools menu, click Options.
  • Click the General tab on the left.
  • Check Store settings and data in %APPDATA%\Everything.
  • Click OK.
Your Everything database should be stored in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Everything

Are you using a custom database location under Tools -> Options -> Indexes -> Database location? -Please try leaving this empty or moving it to a drive other than your C: drive.

If you exit Everything and restart Everything does the scanning always occur? -or does it only occur after restarting your PC?

There could be database corruption forcing Everything to rebuild each time Everything.exe is run.

Could you please try running Everything in debug mode, this will show the rebuild reason:
  • In Everything, type in the following search and press ENTER:
The next time Everything restarts a debug console will be shown.
Look for the following line:
Rebuild: <rebuild reason here>

What is the rebuild reason? -If unsure, please send your debug output to

To disable debug mode:
  • In Everything, type in the following search and press ENTER:
  • Restart Everything.

Re: Can't find files because Everything is "Scanning" forever

Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2020 11:46 pm
by cadill
Thanks for your reply!

After trying your suggestion, I'm still having the issue. Here are details:

Tools > Options > General has a checked "store settings and data in %APPDATA%\Everything". Screenshot:
Tools > Options > Indexes > Database Location is blank. Screenshot:

The directory %appdata%\everything is accessible and has just two files in it:

Run History.csv

(I looked for hidden and system files but there is nothing else)

The directory %localappdata%\everything is accessible and has one file in it:


The only lines in the debug output that refer to "rebuild" are the 3rd and 4th lines here:

copy config
fire create events
start rebuild thread
rebuild thread started
build fs list
build indexes

The bottom of the Everything window says "Scanning M:\..."
Sometimes it says "Scanning R:\..." or another local drive letter. Screenshot:

It stays stuck that way for hours and hours. This occurs every time I start Everything, after "updating database", even after a reboot.

Here are the last few pages of the debug output I grabbed while the Everything window is stuck on "Scanning" ... l.txt?dl=0

I hope this is helpful.

Thank you for your assistance in diagnosing this issue.

Re: Can't find files because Everything is "Scanning" forever

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:55 pm
by void
Thanks for the debug log.

Everything is recreating the entire index.
There's no reason reported.

There two possible cases where no reason is reported:
  • start Everything.exe with the -reindex command line option.
  • The Index structure changed (Index Size/Date Modified/Date Created/Date Accessed/Attributes was toggled from Tools -> Options -> Indexes)
Could you please try letting Everything update, reindex, when indexing is complete immediately exit Everything (right click the Everything system tray icon and click Exit) and restart Everything.

Does the re-indexing ever complete?
Does Everything perform a rescan after the restart?

There's an out of date event for the M: drive. It could be related. Normally, Everything will do a "quick rebuild" and only re-index the M: drive. Unfortunately, that is not happening in this case.

Typically, an out of date event occurs when the USN Journal ID changes or too many changes occurred (missing USN).

Re: Can't find files because Everything is "Scanning" forever

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 2:40 am
by void
I've added more debug information to the latest night build.

Could you please send the debug output with the latest night build?

I've also fixed a rare condition where Everything might get stuck forever reindexing when an out of date event is posted when rebuilding.