Everything modifies folders when opening context menu

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Everything modifies folders when opening context menu

Post by icchan » Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:12 pm

I think I found a bug where I have SMB drive as a indexed folder and I right click the folder from Everything, the folders "Date Modified:" data changes to the current time. And it shouldn't do this.

This is quite annoying considering that "Date modified" is very useful way to locate and differentiate files in many cases. It doesn't seem to happen when using windows explorer to browse SMB shares and opening folder context menu, or on NTFS indexes when opening folder context menu through Everything. Only SMB locations indexed as folders seem to be affected. I'll try to see if local indexed folders are affected as well and I'll update this post.

Software used:
Windows 7 x64 SP2 (Latest updates installed), Everything (x64) (I noticed this on a previous version as well, so I updated to see if this still happens and it does)

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Index an SMB share as a folder in Everything, enable "monitor changes".
  2. Enable "Index date modified" on "Indexes" settings tab.
  3. Search for any folder, assort by "Date modified".
  4. Right click any folder on that share through Everything to bring up the context menu.
  5. Watch "Date modified:" changing.
If someone can reproduce this, that would be great, unless you're able to, then I have to look further into my program settings if any of them causes this to happen.

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Re: Everything modifies folders when opening context menu

Post by void » Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:35 am

What context menu items are shown when you right click a folder in Everything?
-If possible, please send a screenshot to support@voidtools.com

Does the same issue occur if you click the main File menu in Everything?

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