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Howto: HTTP combined queries

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 8:47 pm
by hockeyrink
Loving "Everything". I'm presently using it as part of a spreadsheet http call to search for relevant images to items I'm editing. My question is:

I've just spent an hour trying to solve "How do I combine search terms like I can natively in EVERYTHING's box into an HTTP call?"
I.e: Searching for PNG or JPG files related to two terms "600311" and "811-2".

In Everything, I use:
600311|811-2 ext:jpg|ext:png
(I'm unsure how to call the "PICTURE" filter on the input line)

To duplicate this with an HTTP URL call, use:
Note using the "%3A" to replace the colon to avoid messing up the http call.

Just a note for future me to search and find! Thanks for the great tool!