I am lost

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I am lost

Post by Philp » Wed May 20, 2020 7:55 pm

I am an infrequent user of Everything but I had it set up (with help from everything people) to perform one function:
From the cmd prompt
es.exe -name -full-path-and-name -instance everything -export-csv c:\users\xxxx\desktop\out.csv
This would return all the folders and files in a specific folder ie: C:\users\xxxx\documents\Indians
Unfortunately I recently downloaded the latest version of Everything and it no longer works. All I get is the full list of everything on C: drive. What do I do so I only get files and folders from the Indians folder.


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Re: I am lost

Post by therube » Thu May 21, 2020 2:45 pm

Well, you didn't give it path to search, so it searches "everywhere".

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es.exe  -name  -full-path-and-name   C:\users\xxxx\documents\Indians
Your -instance, that would be specific to you (& assumes that you do in fact have an -instance named Everything, running).
Likewise, your -export, if you want that.

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Re: I am lost

Post by NotNull » Thu May 21, 2020 6:13 pm

That command you posted will report all files and folders that this Everything instance has in it's database.
If you used that command before and got only the files and folder in "C:\users\xxxx\documents\Indians", that means that you configured that Everything instance to only scan that folder.
That can be accomplished again in the following way:
  • Start
    everything.exe -instance everything
  • Go to Menu:Tools > Options > Indexes > NTFS
  • In the Local NTFS volumes: box, click on your C: drive
  • In the Include only: box, enter:

    Code: Select all

    (replace xxxx with your actual account name)
  • Click the OK button
If that was the only disk in your system, you will now see only results from your Indians folder.

If there are other disks in your system, Everything might have incuded those too.
If that is the case, let us know.

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