Search with Full-width Space

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Search with Full-width Space

Post by dennislixin » Tue Jul 30, 2019 1:10 am


I use everything to search for files in Japanese everyday. I found one thing that is not that convenient.

If I put a full-width space between keywords, everything does not treat it as space unless I change it to a normal (half-width) space.

Is there a way to tell everything that full-width spaces and normal spaces are the same things?


P.S. meaning of full-width from Google: A full-width character basically means that each character has the same width as a Chinese character, regardless of font choice.

P.S. an example of full-width space: " ", normal (half-width) space: " "

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Re: Search with Full-width Space

Post by void » Wed Jul 31, 2019 12:36 am

Just so I'm understanding correctly, you would like
abc<full-width space:>123

to search for:
abc AND 123

The same way

searches for
abc AND 123

Currently, a full-width space is treated as a literal space.
Everything treats the following characters as search term breaks:
SPACE (0x0020)
TAB (0x0009)
LINE FEED (LF) (0x000A)

-I'll add an option to treat full width spaces/IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE (0x3000) as search term breaks. -If possible, I'll make this enabled by default for Japanese style keyboards.

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