Loading client sometimes shows "Updating database ...". What's the service for?

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Loading client sometimes shows "Updating database ...". What's the service for?

Post by VanguardLH » Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:26 am

Everything x64 (update check reports this is the latest version)
Windows 10 Home x64 (1809)

Many times when I open Everything, it is unresponsive (I have to wait) with a message in the status bar saying "Updating database". Huh? What's the point of enabling the option "Everything Service" to run in the background if it doesn't bother to update its indexing database?

In the Services app (services.msc), I can see the Everything service listed with Automatic startup mode and is currently in the Running state. It's there, it's running, so why isn't it updating its database?

https://www.voidtools.com/support/every ... g_service/

That's the description of your service. It isn't working, because it isn't keeping its database updated in the background.

I do not leave the Everything client running all the time. The option to load on Windows startup is disabled. When I exit its GUI, the client unloads. The client shouldn't be required for the indexing; else, there is no point in wasting CPU cycles on the Everything service.

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Re: Loading client sometimes shows "Updating database ...". What's the service for?

Post by vsub » Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:37 am

The service allows you to access NTFS volumes without admin permissions,it doesn't update the database in background
If the option General=>UI=>"Run in background" is enabled and you don't File=>Exit when you are done with your search(just close the window),the next time you want to search for something,it will instantly show the window and there will be no waiting(unless you did some big change to a lot of files)

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Re: Loading client sometimes shows "Updating database ...". What's the service for?

Post by void » Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:00 am

Thanks for your feedback.

I've updated the description of the Everything Service.

The Everything Service is stateless.
The Everything Service provides the Everything Search Client low level read access to NTFS volumes and USN Journals.

It is the Everything Search Client that creates and maintains your Everything database.

It may take several minutes to update your Everything database if there was many changes between exiting the Everything Search Client and restarting the Everything Search Client.

For the best performance, keep the Everything running in the background, or run Everything with no database file via the -no-db command line option (this will cause Everything to build a fresh database from the NTFS MFT which can often be faster than updating the existing database).

I'm working on making Everything load instantly and perform these updates in the background (so you can search immediately without having to wait for the index to update).

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