EFU File List Help

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EFU File List Help

Post by losiledlighting » Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:14 am

An important feature about EFU File List, wish to be added: show EFU File List Name!

File List is really helpful to manage offline storages, eg USB disk, CD-Rom.
It's common that the user has only a few USB prots, CD-Rom drivers -- means limited drive letters, such as G: H: F:,
but much more USB disks, CD-Rom disks -- means unlimited usb-disk1.efu, usb-disk2.efu, .... cd1.efu, cd2.efu, ...
If all the efu files loaded, and their is one or more search results, eg, g:/music-2013-03-05.mp3, it's hard to know which CD-Rom the file is located, since there is no information about the EFU file list name or the storage device.

So, show EFU File List Name maybe a solution in this case.

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Re: EFU File List Help

Post by void » Fri Jun 07, 2019 9:19 am

To show the EFU file list file name:
  • In Everything, right click any result list header and check File List Filename.
You can also search for files in a file list with the filelistfilename: search.
For example, to find files in your usb-disk2.efu file list, search for:

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