Every thing: Discrete item list search possible?

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Every thing: Discrete item list search possible?

Post by Quizzelbuck » Fri Apr 19, 2019 12:30 am

Does Everything support searching for multiple items, with unique names?

Lets say i have 1300 Roms in one folder.. (because i do.)

Now lets say i have 14 or so lists in plain text. Between them, all 1300 roms fall in to one list or another.

Now, i see the file lister. I can search for one file at a time, and copy it away.

Id like to take every entry in one of these lists. Lets say the first list is "Platformers". It has 400 of the 1300 roms listed in plain text.

So i want to search this list of 1300, and get it to show me only the 400 from the "Platformers" list.

Then i can cut and past these 400 items in to their own folder in one operation.

Then move on to the next list.

rinse, repeat. Until i've divided all 1300 of these Roms.

Does this feature exist? If so, how would i implement it.

If this is asked and answered, i apologize. I didn't find any thing when i searched the forum. Its possible i'm not searching the correct words to find this.

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Re: Every thing: Discrete item list search possible?

Post by NotNull » Fri Apr 19, 2019 5:25 am

If I understood correctly ...

- Go to Menu:Search > Advanced Search
- Enter the ROM folder under Located in:
- Enter the Platformers text file under Search for a list of file names:

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