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Post by vikram99 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 6:21 am

I have got a new machine and 16 GB previously 8 GB.

Now i am getting Everything installed but the indexing is not finishing too long time.

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Re: Scanning

Post by void » Sun Mar 10, 2019 6:30 am

Sorry to hear Everything is getting stuck indexing your files.

What version of Everything are you using?
What is shown in the status bar of Everything?

Please try deleting your old Everything database:
  • Please make sure Everything is not running:
    • Right click your Everything system tray icon and click Exit
  • In Windows Explorer, navigate to:
  • Delete your Everything.db
  • Restart Everything.
Everything could be trying to use an existing bad index.
This will force Everything to build a fresh Everything.db.

Please try checking your drives for errors:
  • Please backup anything important on your drive before checking it for errors.
  • In Windows Explorer, for each drive:
    • Right click your drive and click Properties.
    • Click the Tools tab.
    • Click Check now....
    • Click Start
    • If prompted to schedule a scan on the next restart, click Yes.
Are you using folder indexing to index a folder that has a circular reference?
For example a folder junction that points to itself, or one of its parents. This would cause Everything to index forever. However, you should eventually get an out of memory error.

Does the memory usage for Everything keep growing if you leave it indexing?

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