Can't make anything work on this website

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Can't make anything work on this website

Post by LindaPeterson » Sun Dec 23, 2018 1:05 pm

First, it's almost impossible to register. The ID verification is not intelligibly written. After many, many failed efforts, I finally took a wild guess and wrote, "void search 7". The thing is, you make it sound as it we are supposed to enter some the RESULT of some mysterious and unexplained word search, because you do not quotate or italicize the word 'search".
In addition, you do not instruct the registrant to enter spaces between all 3 entries. It's an absolute mess; I've never ever seen these problems on any other website.
Next, for some reason, your system failed to register my user name. I made a screencap and filed it as I filled out your form, and I don't think I made a mistake. This website failure led to an entire wasted 1/2-hour, as I had to keep logging in to a particular e-mail acct. after each failed login attempt, over and over.
Then, once I finally got into your website, it kept accepting my registration and logins, then losing track of my I.D. and making me log in over an over an over on each page.
And my purpose in going to all these pages was an attempt to find out how to change my password, or anything at all in any profile that may possibly exist anywhere. I sure as hell, after wasting more time on your website than I have wasted on all other websites in the last five years all put together, can't find either one of those things. At all.
Yes, I did have javascript and cookies enabled. I have no problems with registration or anything else on any other websites. It's not me, actually, and it's not my machine. This website is a disaster.

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Re: Can't make anything work on this website

Post by NotNull » Sun Dec 23, 2018 5:15 pm

I'm curious: What was the actual question you had to answer?

Can't imagine those "I'm not a bot" questions are extremely hard to answer as over 20 thousand people succeeded in registering on this forum.
But then again: maybe it took them more than half an hour too ...

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Re: Can't make anything work on this website

Post by kodenkan » Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:55 am

I found it easy to register on this site, but I've had those experiences where I wasted time registering because the particular combination of bits accessing a website or its Captcha didn't line up according to expectations. I submit it's the synchronicity testing us with its own version of a Turing test. Ha!

IMHO anytime a customer complains, I stifle my ego and consider the feedback a gift. Not everyone has the balls to tell you when you're f'in up. When they do, I treat these individuals like gold. They help me tweak my service so the lowest common denominator can use it.

When I experienced these frustrating moments registering and logging on in the past, I appreciated help much more than condescension. Just because 20K users found their way on this site doesn't mean others aren't having trouble.

If OTOH exclusivity and a no-consumer techies only ambiance is what you're trying to achieve, snark works.

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Re: Can't make anything work on this website

Post by void » Wed Dec 26, 2018 6:24 am

Thanks for the feedback.

I suspect LindaPeterson may have been seeing an old/cached page? as the anti-bot answer "void search 7" is quite old.
It was changed to void search 6 and then void search 4 over the last view days due to an influx of spammers.

I have made the anti-bot question/answer easier.

There was also issues with registration emails going to spam folders. This should be resolved now.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

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