Can't use grouping with infolder:

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Can't use grouping with infolder:

Post by GeorgeCostanza » Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:58 am

Let's say i have 2 drives (k and u) and both drives have the same path to a "Rockstar" folder

I want to display what is inside the folder on both drives

k:\My Gaming Stuff\Rockstar
u:\My Gaming Stuff\Rockstar

everything will not allow me to simply use a filter like:

infolder:<k:|u:>\"My Gaming Stuff"\"Rockstar"

i have to explicitly type out both infolder:k:\"My Gaming Stuff"\"Rockstar" and infolder:u:\"My Gaming Stuff"\"Rockstar"

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Re: Can't use grouping with infolder:

Post by void » Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:02 am

Currently, grouping (< and >) and OR (|) will break your search into "search terms".
infolder:<k:|u:>\"My Gaming Stuff"\"Rockstar"
is broken down into:
infolder: AND <k: OR u:> AND \"My Gaming Stuff"\"Rockstar"

This will most likely not find any results.

I am considering adding support for expanding | in search strings when used with functions, for example:
infolder:<k:|u:>\"My Gaming Stuff"\"Rockstar"
would be expanded to:
infolder:k:\"My Gaming Stuff"\"Rockstar" OR infolder:u:\"My Gaming Stuff"\"Rockstar"

It could be useful for expanding multiple functions too, eg:
<ansicontent:|utf8content:>"a phrase in the file"

Thanks for the suggestion.

For now, you will need to manually expand your searches, eg: search for:
infolder:k:\"My Gaming Stuff"\"Rockstar" | infolder:u:\"My Gaming Stuff"\"Rockstar"

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