Win2000 support in Alphas beyond 442a?

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Win2000 support in Alphas beyond 442a?

Post by gutberle » Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:34 am

Dear David,

I am running Everything on my W2K machines, but I noticed that the last Alpha that runs on W2K is 442a. All versions beyond that start up with an error message stating that "GetVolumePathNamesForVolumeNameW" could not be found in kernel32.dll. This is of course true because this function is only present from WinXP onwards.

Since I can not find anything pertaining to Windows 2000 no longer being supported I wanted to bring this to your attention and at the same time ask if this is only a side effect or if you are indeed planning to stop supporting W2K.

I realize that W2K is a bit dinosaurish these days, but it is still out there at many universities, hospitals and as in my case, in bare bones client server environments, so if you could find a way around this problem, I and surely all of the other W2K users out there would definitely appreciate it very much.

Thanks and best regards,


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Re: Win2000 support in Alphas beyond 442a?

Post by void » Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:48 pm

This has been fixed for the next release of "Everything".

I also have plans to add support for Windows 95/98/98SE for the next release.
You will need to use the custom file lists to index volumes in 95/98/98se.

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