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HTTP Server

Post by fabioq » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:17 pm

Is there any way to only allow certain volumes to be searchable when people are searching through the HTTP server? (I'm using "Everything" version

some background:
I use Everything to search my library of Karaoke songs and mp3s when I host karaoke. Currently people coming to the bar search my books (physical binders) and then let me know what song they want to sing. Since a lot of people now have smart phones I thought it would be nice give them I link from the Everything HTTP server and have them search for a song via their phones. However, since I'm using it to search for regular MP3s as well as jpgs (which I throw on the screen). I would only want them to search for Karaoke songs and not the mp3s and jpgs. I have it currently organized as follows: jpgs within a folder under my C: (ex. c:\jpg), the mp3s and karaoke files are in separate partitions in an external drive (ex. m:\ for music and k:\ for karaoke). I only want them to have access to the k:\ partition when they search.


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Re: HTTP Server

Post by void » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:26 pm

I would recommend running multiple instances of "Everything".

Create another instance of "Everything", for example:

Code: Select all

Everything.exe -instance HTTP
Setup which files and folders you wish to include or exclude from the exclude options for the HTTP instance.

See -instance and Indexing for more information.

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